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Do Not Disturb; Call Park - Cisco 8800 Series User Manual

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• If you have multiple incoming calls, highlight the incoming call and press Decline.

Do Not Disturb

You can turn on or off the do not disturb feature by dialing the respective star codes that are configured.
Application Menu Procedure
Step 1 Press Applications
Step 2 Select User preferences > Call preferences > Do not disturb.
Step 3 Press On to turn on DND or press Off to turn off DND.
Step 4 Press to exit.
Softkey Procedure
Step 1 Press More ˜¡ softkey
Step 2 Press DND softkey to turn ON, Press Clr DND to turn OFF.
Code Procedure
Step 1 To turn on DND, dial *78.
Step 2 To turn off DND, dial *79.
Mute Your Call
While you are on a call, you can mute the audio so that you can hear the other person, but they cannot hear you.
Step 1 Press Mute
Step 2 Press Mute again to turn mute off.
Put a Call on Hold
Step 1 Press Hold
Step 2 To resume a call from hold, press Hold again.
Swap Between Active and Held Calls
You can easily switch between active and held calls.
Press the line button for the held call, then press Resume to resume that call and place the other call on hold

Call Park

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Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series User Guide

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Table of Contents

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