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Chapter 3 - Contacts; Answer The Oldest Call First; View All Calls On Your Phone; Shared Lines - Cisco 8800 Series User Manual

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Answer the Oldest Call First

You can answer the oldest call available on all your phone lines, including Hold Reversion and Park
calls that are in an alerting state. Incoming calls always have priority over Held or Park
Reversion calls.
When working with multiple lines, you typically press the line button for the incoming call you want
to answer.
If you just want to answer the oldest call regardless of line, press Answer.

View All Calls on Your Phone

You can view a list of all your active calls—from all your phone lines—sorted in chronological
order, oldest to
The list of all calls is useful if you have multiple lines or if you share lines with other users.
The list displays all

Shared Lines

You can share a single phone number with one or more of your coworkers. For example, as an administrative
assistant, you might be responsible for screening calls for the person that you support.
When you share a phone number, you can use that phone line just like you would any other line, but you should
be aware of these special characteristics about shared lines:
• The shared phone number appears on all phones that share the number.
• If your coworker answers the call, the shared line button and the session button are solid red on your phone.
• If you put a call on hold, your line button is solid red and the session button pulses red. Your coworker's line
button is also solid red and the session button pulses red.

Corporate Directory

You can look up a coworker's number from your phone, which makes it easier to give them a call. Your
administrator sets up and maintains the directory.
Dial a Contact in the Corporate Directory
Step 1 Press Contacts
Step 2 Select the directory name that you have defined.
Step 3 Select a search criteria.
Step 4 Enter your search criteria and press Submit.
Step 5 Select the contact and press Dial.
Add a New Contact to Your Personal Address Book
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your calls together.
Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series User Guide

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