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Buttons And Hardware - Cisco 8800 Series User Manual

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Table of Contents
Step 1 Remove the handset from the cradle and pull the plastic tab from the handset rest.
Step 2 Rotate the tab 180 degrees.
Step 3 Hold the tab between two fingers, with the corner notches facing you.
Step 4 Line up the tab with the slot in the cradle and press the tab evenly into the slot. An extension protrudes
from the top of the rotated tab.
Step 5 Return the handset to the handset rest.
Connect to the Network
You need to connect the phone to the telephone network.
• Wired connection—the phone is plugged into the network using an Ethernet cable.

Buttons and Hardware

The Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series has two distinct hardware types:
• Cisco IP Phones 8811, 8841, and 8851—do not have a camera.
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Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series User Guide

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Table of Contents

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