Powering On/Off The Projector - Acer UL6500 User Manual

Laser projector
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Powering on/off the projector

Powering on the projector:
Note that the connections to external equipment and power outlet should be done
before performing the operations written below.
Press Power on the projector or ON on the remote control.
• The power indicator illuminates green.
• Never look into the lens when the light is on. This can damage your eyes.
This focal point concentrates high temperature. Do not place any object near it to avoid
possible fire hazard.
Powering off the projector:
Press Power on the projector or STANDBY on the remote control, then press
that button again while the confirmation message is displayed, to put the
projector into Standby mode.
• The projector cannot be turned on while cooling.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents