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Acer U5200 Manual

Projector gateway
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Acer Projector Gateway
The Acer Projector Gateway (APG) is a smart, integrated system that enhances
presentations via your Acer projector. The APG provides versatile source
connectivity, the latest eProjection Management tools, support for video
playback via the built-in decoder and more.
APG features:
High-performance wireless projection via a built-in access point featuring a
lossless CODEC or an RJ-45 port for wired connections.
Playback of any audio content through the projector's built-in speakers for
added effect.
Visitors can easily launch Acer eProjection Management automatically by
inserting the Acer Plug-and-Show token (using the Windows autorun
function) into the source's USB port, or by installing the software via an
Internet browser. A driver disc is not required.
Presents a user-friendly graphic interface for simple setup and operation.
Allows presenters to connect to the Internet or corporate Intranet to
retrieve interactive content during presentations.
Supports up to four presentations at the same time under split-screen
projection mode.
Supports remote control functions for projector operation.
Makes wireless or wired connections via 802.11b/g, 802.11b/g/n or an
Ethernet 10/100-based network.
Acer Projector Gateway Web Management enables a web-based control of
Acer projector for both Windows and Mac OS.
Wireless network security (WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK).
MobiShow technology allows wireless projection from a Wi-Fi-enabled
Acer Multiple Projector Control Center is a PC utility which allows one PC
to control all projectors that are connected to a LAN.
Crestron compliance.
Media playback via a USB port.



  Summary of Contents for Acer U5200

  • Page 1 Wireless network security (WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK). • MobiShow technology allows wireless projection from a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone. • Acer Multiple Projector Control Center is a PC utility which allows one PC to control all projectors that are connected to a LAN. • Crestron compliance. •...
  • Page 2: Guide To Components

    Note: The antenna is only required for wireless models. Note: The antenna is not required when a USB Wi-Fi dongle (optional) installed. Important: Acer recommends setting up the projector name (SSID) and supervisor password when using the projector for the first time.
  • Page 3: System Requirements

    System Requirements • Acer eProjection Management software installed or Acer PnS token ready. Note: Acer PnS token is an optional accessory. • Computer CPU - Intel Pentium III-800 MHz (or greater). • Computer memory - 256 MB of RAM required, 512 MB or more recommended.
  • Page 4: Connect To The Projector

    Press the Power button on the bundled remote control or the device to turn on your Acer projector and enable the WLAN (only for wireless models or models a USB Wi-Fi dongle installed). Connecting the projector to the LAN for a wired connection is also recommended.
  • Page 5 Projector ID (displayed only when available) This 4-digit number will not be displayed on the top left of the splash screen until this option is enabled by the supervisor in the Configure tab under Acer eProjection Management. The four digits are given randomly for projector identification.
  • Page 6 WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access - pre-shared key) and WPA2-PSK are other individual encryption methods with higher level security. The option is enabled by the supervisor in the Configure tab under Acer eProjection Management. For more information, please see Security Settings on page 29.
  • Page 7 Open the Internet browser (see note). Click Download Acer eProjection Management on the welcome page, and then click Run to launch the Welcome to the Acer Projector Gateway Setup Wizard. The installation will proceed automatically. Make sure the installation is complete.
  • Page 8 Acer logo on the splash screen) into your browser’s address bar. Note: Ensure that you have administrator-level permission on your computer so that you can install the software. Note: If you receive any security warnings, click OK to proceed with the installation procedure.
  • Page 9 Management application. When the search is complete, a login dialog box will open to ask you to enter the User name and Projector ID (if needed) to log in to your Acer Projector. The UI will look as it does below when your source successfully connects...
  • Page 10 Note: For the best projection performance, Acer recommends adjusting your resolution to 1024 x 768.
  • Page 11 APG. By allowing the transmission of high- quality audio and video signals, the APG offers added flexibility and convenience, allowing you to use an Acer projector in almost any room or setting. For first time installation The utility can be downloaded directly from the projector using a wireless or wired network connection.
  • Page 12 Compact user interface The compact user interface (UI) provides a solid look and feel. • Allows you to change the projection resolution (a). To change the projection resolution, click Resolution to reveal a list of choices. • Project using split-screen or full-screen (b). To project from multiple sources, move the cursor over the split screen icon and click to display the content in the location indicated on the split screen.
  • Page 13 You can also select video clips to display from the compact window by clicking the arrow on the left of the screen. Select a video clip, and click the Play icon stop the playback. Note: The video formats supported are MPEG2, MPEG4 and H.264 (optional).
  • Page 14 (a), and gives you the option to select a different wireless projector (b). Swap to another connected PC via Switch presenter (c). You may also install Acer eProjection Management via a PnS token by clicking Install (d) or make another token via Save P&P Program to (e). About (f) displays version...
  • Page 15: Other Support

    4. Refer to the IP address shown on the projected screen and the SSID displayed onscreen (default SSID is AcerProjectorGateway). Note: MobiShow only supports wireless projectors. You may also use a USB Wi-Fi dongle plugged into a USB type A host on the projector.
  • Page 16: Using Mobishow

    MobiShow will turn on your device’s Wi-Fi and display available access points for you to choose. The MobiShow client will automatically search for wireless projectors (SSID with prefix AcerProjectorGateway) and connect. If more than one projector is found, the following list is displayed for you to select the one to use.
  • Page 17 Select which feature to use. To project your phone’s screen, tap the Screen icon. To do a PC-less presentation using Presentation-to-Go (PtG), tap PtG. To play a video or MP3 from your device, tap Media. Project the device’s screen MobiShow will project anything displayed on your screen. You may launch another application (such as PowerPoint Viewer) or open any file (such as a Word document or JPG image) and it will be displayed via the projector.
  • Page 18: Wireless Ptg

    Wireless PtG Install the PtG converter from the installation CD on your PC; this will enable you to convert PowerPoint files to PtG format. When you select PtG, the MobiShow client will automatically open Explorer for you to select a PtG file. Select the file to open for your presentation. When the file is open, the PtG slides will be projected while you will be shown controls on your device screen.
  • Page 19: Photo Reviewer

    Photo reviewer When you select the Photo function, MobiShow will automatically open Explorer for you to select a photo folder. Open a file (JPG format) and controls show on your device's screen. Icon Item Description Prev / Next Tap to go to the previous or next photo. Play Tap to restart projecting.
  • Page 20 Media When you select the Media function, MobiShow will automatically open Explorer for you to select a media file. Select a file (videos in mpeg2, mpeg4 or H.264 format, or MP3 music files) to play. When the file is open, the media will be projected and controls shown on your device’s screen.
  • Page 21: Using The Ptg Converter

    Help Tap Menu to select Help to find MobiShow information. Using the PtG converter To use the Presentation-to-Go feature, you need to install the PtG Converter on your PC from the CD. Put the CD into your CD-ROM and follow the onscreen instructions to install the PtG Converter.
  • Page 22 Acer Projector Gateway Web Management Open the Internet browser, you will be redirected to the Acer Projector Gateway Web Management main page. If you aren’t redirected, you can enter the Server IP address. Please refer to Connect to the projector on page 4.
  • Page 23 Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 8, please disable the SmartScreen Filter before downloading. Conference projecting You can initiate conference projecting from the Web Management webpage. Clicking on Initiate Conference gives you control over who is projecting at any time, and prevents the current presenter from being disconnected inadvertently.
  • Page 24 user icon and a triangular icon icon. To activate a user, click on the play this user icon next to the user’s name. Click End Conference to end the conference. Note: Please remember to log out if you want to end the conference.
  • Page 25: Advanced Settings

    Advanced settings admin The default login for the advanced settings page is with the password 123456 Console The Console page gives you access to a variety of status and control features to adjust the projection settings. From this page, you can view projection status;...
  • Page 26 adjust brightness, contrast and aspect ratio; change the source; and adjust some advanced settings. You can also turn off the projector directly from this page.
  • Page 27: General Settings

    Configure The Configure page allows you to change a variety of settings. General Settings You can check Enter the projector ID to start projecting to ensure that only people in the room are able to access the projector. You can also select who can connect to the Internet via the projector’s WLAN router - either all the meeting attendees, or only the person currently projecting.
  • Page 28: Network Settings

    Network Settings Click Network settings to adjust other network settings. Note: The default Projector Name (SSID) is leaves 11 characters available for you to customize the name. Note: Projector name (SSID) is only required for wireless models. AcerProjector . This...
  • Page 29: Security Settings

    Security Settings If you are projecting sensitive information, you may want to set up a WEP or WPA-PSK key by clicking Security Settings. The WEP key can support from 64- up to 128-bit encryption for wireless connections. This feature can be set and enabled by the supervisor. You must enter 5 or 13 ASCII characters, or 10 or 26 hexadecimal characters.
  • Page 30: Admin Password Setup

    Admin Password Setup Change the password to log in to the Advance page by clicking Admin Password 123456 Setup. The default supervisor password is Firmware Upgrade Ensure the projector is connected to the LAN and the Internet, then click on Firmware upgrade and click the Upgrade…...
  • Page 31: Alert Setting

    Alert Setting Logout Click Logout to return to the download page.
  • Page 32 Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 8, please adjust the Compatibility view settings to make ensure correct display.
  • Page 33 Crestron control tool When you open your Internet browser, you will find a Crestron link on the Acer Projector Gateway Web Management main page. Tap the link to open an interactive Flash-based webpage. Main page You can control the projector from the easy-to-use interface, adjusting the volume;...
  • Page 34 Tools You can view projector IP information here, modify networking settings and set up a password if desired. Info You can find projector information easily on this page and add information to help you manage each projector.
  • Page 35 Mac Utility for Mac OS 1 You can project a Mac screen via WPS-Pro. 2 Obtain the installation program from the CD or download from the main webpage. Please refer to page 7. 3 Make sure your personal firewall allows the WPS-Pro software to pass through.
  • Page 36 4 Enter the login code from the splash screen, please refer to Check the information on the splash screen on page 5, if required and click OK to start projecting. 5 The UI shown below will appear when you have connected to the projector and are projecting at 1024 x 768 resolution.
  • Page 37: Presentation Mode

    Compact and full user interface Presentation mode Icon Description Project desktop screen to full-screen or split-screen. Full-screen projection. Project to Split #1. Project to Split #2. Project to Split #3. Project to Split #4. Pause projecting. Stop projecting. Zoom. Projector login code. While projecting, this icon blinks.
  • Page 38 While playing video, this icon blinks. About Icon Description Click to open the function menu and select Web Admin to open the management web page. Please refer to Acer Projector Gateway Web Management on page 22. Minimize the program Exit the program...
  • Page 39 Contact IT help If you encounter any problems, you can use this message window in the upper- right corner of the page to communicate in real time with the Helpdesk.
  • Page 40: Multimedia Features

    Multimedia Introduction The Acer multimedia support offers easier projection without a PC or multimedia player connected. Through USB type A slot, you can easily access PtG (please refer to PtG on page 42) and JPG photo files. This function is supported through the projector source USB A.
  • Page 41: Control Panel And Remote Control

    Control panel and remote control Icon Component Description RESYNC Back or stop function in multimedia controls. SOURCE Enter or play under certain control conditions. Back Up one data folder level. Enter Confirms item selection. MENU Goes back or stops in multimedia controls. Direction Keys Press while playing media.
  • Page 42: Presentation To Go

    Presentation to Go If you sent the projector source to USB A, you will see the screen as shown below. Click to access PtG files. You can use PtG converter (please refer to Using the PtG converter on page 21) to convert files from PowerPoint format to PtG format, which allows you to project from a variety of devices while retaining all the effects of the PowerPoint file.
  • Page 43 Note: The photo file size must be smaller than 10 MB, and the resolution under 8192 x 6144 pixels. Supports playback of JPG images with EXIF information. Setup Adjust display settings.
  • Page 44: Remote Desktop

    Introduction Remote Desktop is a handy remote access feature which allows you to seamlessly control your computer from an Acer Projector when in the meeting room. You can operate your computer via the projector using the remote control via a standard USB keyboard and mouse.
  • Page 45: Display Over Usb

    Display over USB Introduction Display over USB (DoUSB) projection is an easy-to-use function to project a computer’s screen using a single USB cable (USB type A to mini USB) without needing any drivers. If you unplug the USB cable, the projector will stop projecting and revert to standby status.
  • Page 46: Operating System Compatibility

    the same optimum projection resolution will be implemented. • If the current resolution setting of the NB/PC is larger than the current projector resolution, APG will change the PC's resolution to match the projector for better performance. Operating system compatibility The DoUSB function is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and above, Windows Vista 32- and 64-bit, and Windows 7 32- and 64-bit.
  • Page 47: Feature Table

    (1) Download page (2) Conference Control (3) Console (projector control & monitor) (4) Network setting (5) Crestron Flash link S5201M/S5201B/S5301WM/ U5200/U5300W S5301WB Yes (By USB WiFi dongle) Yes (By USB WiFi dongle) Yes (By USB WiFi dongle) Yes (By USB WiFi dongle)
  • Page 48 MobiShow (Network) (1) Win Mobile V5 & above supported (2) Screen projection (3) Quad-View (4-split screen) (4) PtG function (5) Media sender (6) Photo viewer (7) iPhone supported (8) Android supported Crestron (Network) Features (1) RoomView (App.) Control & Interactive messaging &...
  • Page 49: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If you experience a problem with your Acer projector, refer to the following troubleshooting guide. If the problem persists, please contact your local reseller or service center. Problems and Solution Problem The projector stops responding to all controls Lamp burns out or...
  • Page 50: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions • How do I configure the network? Auto-Configuration Network Setup: The default setting of the APG is as a DHCP client. When the APG is connected to a LAN that already has a DHCP server present, the APG takes the IP address assigned to it by the server. When the APG is connected to a LAN that does not have a DHCP server, the APG becomes the DHCP server in the network.
  • Page 51 3. Click the Exceptions tab and then Add Program… when the Windows Firewall window opens. 4. Click Acer Projector Gateway to allow connection with external devices under Programs when the Add a Program window opens. • What is the Gatekeeper? The Gatekeeper is designed to ensure enterprise network security for the APG.
  • Page 52 All Allow allows guest users to access the wireless office LAN. Internet Only allows guest users to use the Internet wirelessly, while restricting access to the Intranet. • Can I use wireless and wired connections simultaneously? If you have a wired Internet connection connected to the APG, it will obtain an IP address automatically and allow wireless connectivity simultaneously.

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