Controlling The Projector Via Lan - Acer UL6500 User Manual

Laser projector
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Controlling the Projector via LAN

After connecting the projector to your network, enter the projector IP address in
"Address" on Internet Explorer (version 11 or later) using a computer on the network
to start a setup screen that will enable control of the projector via the network.
Controlling the Projector Using Internet Explorer (Version
11 or later)
Complete connections to external equipment
before starting the operation.
Complete the AC cord connection.
1. Start Internet Explorer on the computer.
2. Enter "http://" followed by the projector IP address set by the "/" in "Address", and
then press the "Enter" key.
3. When the screen as shown on the right appears,
enter the following.
• Inital Password : 0000
4. A screen for controlling the projector appears,
ready for performing various status conditions,
control, and settings.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents