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Laser projector
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Projector feature

The projector offers the following features:
• UL6500/RL350/LU-U500/SL550/FL-440/F1P1702/UL5530/RL153/LU-U400/
SL450/FL-423/F1P1706/UL5510/RL150/LU-U300/SL350/FL-420/F1P1710 series:
Native1920 x 1080 1080p resolution
• UL6300W/RL320/LU-W500/SL530/FL-340/FWX1703/UL5330W/RL123/LU-W400/
series: Native 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution
• UL6200/RL310/LU-X500/SL510/FL-140/FNX1704/UL5230/RL113/LU-X400/SL410/
FL-123/FNX1708/UL5210/RL110/LU-X300/SL310/FL-120/FNX1712 series: Native
1024 x 768 XGA resolution
• Laser-phosphor light source free from replacement
• Ultra-short throw (UST) projection lens delivers large images from a short projection
• HDMI x 2 inputs
• H./V. Keystone for easy horizontal and vertical keystone correction
• 4 Corner Correction allows you to adjust four corners of the projected image
• Blu-Ray 3D function supported
• 3D Color Management allowing color adjustments to your liking
• Screen Color correction allowing projection on surfaces of several predefined colors
• Network settings allowing for controlling the Projector via LAN
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents