Controlling The Projector Using Crestron Roomview - Acer UL6500 User Manual

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Controlling the Projector Using Crestron RoomView

Regarding Crestron Roomview
Crestron RoomView is the consolidated control systems provided by Crestron
Company, able to control and monitor the multiple of projectors which connected to a
This projector supports the protocol for this control system, so that it supports the
systems offered by Crestron RoomView. For more detail, visit the Crestron website.
(English page only).
The main features for the Crestron RoomView
are below;
- Control remotely using web browser.
Able to control the projector from a computer as you control with remote control.
- Control, and monitor using application software.
By using the application software (Crestron RoomView Express/Crestron RoomView
Sever Edition) offered by Crestron, you will able to monitor, contact with a helpdesk,
and send a message in emergency. For detail, visit
Only alphabets and the numbers can be entered for the character entry.
Control Using Web Browser
Display the control menu
Be sure to check the following before operation.
• Connect both projector and computer to the network
• Setting up the projector Network Environment
1. Operate the web browser on the computer.
2. Enter IP address of the Projector on the web browser and press ENTER.
3. Click the "Crestron e-Control" button.
• How to use the control menu.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents