Maintenance; Cleaning The Projection Window; Cleaning The Projector Housing - Acer UL6500 User Manual

Laser projector
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The projector needs proper maintenance. You should keep the lens clean as dust, dirt
or spots will project on the screen and diminish image quality. If any other parts need
replacing, contact your dealer or qualified service personnel. When cleaning any part
of the projector, always switch off and unplug the projector first.
• Never open any of the covers on the projector. Dangerous electrical voltages inside the
projector can cause severe injury. Do not attempt to service this product yourself. Refer
all servicing to qualified service personnel.

Cleaning the projection window

Gently wipe the lens with lens cleaning paper. Do not touch the projection window with
your hands.

Cleaning the projector housing

Gently wipe with a soft cloth. If dirt and stains are not easily removed, use a soft cloth
damped with water, or water and neutral detergent, and wipe dry with a soft, dry cloth
Turn off the projector and remove the AC power cord from the power outlet before
beginning maintenance work.
Make sure the lens is cool before cleaning.
Do not use detergents or chemicals other than those noted above. Do not use benzene
or thinners.
Do not use chemical sprays.
Use a soft cloth or lens paper only.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents