Setting Up The Projector Network Environment - Acer UL6500 User Manual

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Setting up the Projector Network Environment

This section describes the basic procedure for using the projector via the network. If
the network is already constructed, the projector's network settings may need to be
changed. Please consult your network administrator for assistance with these
settings. You can make network settings both on the projector and on the computer.
The following procedure is for making settings on the computer.
Network settings on the computer
1. Connecting a projector to a computer.
Connect a LAN cable (Category 5, cross-over type) between the computer and
2. Setting an IP address for the computer.
Adjust the IP settings of the computer to enable one-to-one communications with the
3. Setting up a network connection for the projector.
Adjust the projector network settings to conform to your network.
When connecting to a hub, use a straight-though Category 5 (CAT.5) type cable
(commercially available).
The following browsers are supported.
- Internet Explorer 11 or later
LAN cable
(commercially available)
change the
computer's IP
Use Internet Explorer
(version 11 or later) to
make various
projector settings.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents