Troubleshooting - Acer UL6500 User Manual

Laser projector
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Refer to the symptoms and measures listed below before sending the projector for
repairs. If the problem persists, contact your local reseller or service center. Please
refer to "LED Indicator Messages" as well.
No picture and no sound or
projector does not start.
Sound is heard but no picture
appears (or picture is dark).
Color is faded or poor.
Picture is blurred; noise appears.
• Projector power cord is not plugged into the wall outlet.
• Power to the external connected devices is off.
• The selected input mode is wrong.
• Cables are incorrectly connected to the projector.
• Remote control battery has run out.
• External output has not been set when connecting
notebook computer
• If you turn on the connected device prior to the projector,
pictures are displayed incorrectly.
• Cables are incorrectly connected to the projector.
"Brightness" is set to minimum position.
• Depending on the computer you are using, an image may
not be projected unless the signal output setting of the
computer is switched to the external output. Refer to the
computer's operation manual for how to switch its signal
output settings.
• Do you use 3D viewing mode ?
• When temperature inside the projector increases, the
cooling fan runs faster. If this state continues, the picture
may become dark.
• Image adjustments are incorrectly set.
• Make adjustments of "Color" and "Tint" in "PICTURE >
Advanced" and lower the "BrilliantColor™" value.
• Adjust the focus.
• The projection distance exceeds the focus range.
• There is fog on the projection window. If the projector is
carried from a cold room into a warm room, or if it is
suddenly heated, condensation may form on the surface
of the projection window and the image will become
blurred. Set up the projector at least one hour before it is
to be used. If condensation should form, remove the
power cord from the wall outlet and wait for it to clear.
(Computer Input only)
• Perform Synchronization Adjustments ("Frequency" and
"Phase" Adjustment)
• Noise may appear depending on the computer.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents