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Microphone; Volume - Cisco VX Clinical Assistant User Manual

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MBTelehealth – VX Clinical Assistant Mobile Cart User Guide
The VX Clinical Assistant is set up with three (3) Standard Presets:
Camera presets will be set up and saved as part of equipment implementation but there
may be a need to change or resave presets particularly with mobile equipment.
1. Sign - The first preset is of a sign with the sites name. This is an off screen
camera view that allows users to move about the room without being on camera
and identifies the sites that are connected.
2. Participant (Presenter/Provider/Patient) – This preset is a close up view of the
person or persons involved in the event. Whether it is the patient, provider or a
presenter, when setting this preset, you want to ensure that the far sites are able
see the person clearly.
3. Room –Part of videoconference etiquette includes making the sites you are
connected to aware of everyone involved in the event. By setting a preset of the
entire room, you can easily identify everyone in attendance and then switch back
to preset number 2 as necessary. This preset is also helpful for question and
answer periods.

4.3 Microphone

To mute the microphone:
1. Press the Mic Off
onscreen indicator will appear when the microphone is off and the button on the
microphone will change to red.
2. To unmute, press the Mic Off key on the remote control or on the microphone
again. The onscreen indicator will disappear and the button on the microphone
will change to green.

4.4 Volume

To adjust the volume:
1. Use the Volume Key to increase or decrease the volume.
A Volume Bar will appear at the bottom right of the screen
key on the remote control or on the microphone itself. An
Volume Bar
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