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Camera Controls - Cisco VX Clinical Assistant User Manual

Mobile cart
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MBTelehealth – VX Clinical Assistant Mobile Cart User Guide
The remote for the mobile cart is located on the right hand side of the unit,
directly under the round shelf.
If the Ethernet cable is connected correctly, you will see a green VPN light on
the front of the Router.
There should be 5 green lights on the front of the cart. If the power cord is not
plugged in you will only see 4 green lights.

4.2 Camera Controls

The camera can be controlled manually or by using Camera Presets.
To Adjust the Camera Manually
Use the arrows on the remote and the zoom +/- to move the camera to the desired
To Use Camera Presets
Camera presets are useful when images from different camera positions are to be
viewed by the far end site(s). Presets are used to switch camera positions quickly and
easily without having to manually move the camera. (Note: The presets on the mobile
carts may need to be modified each time as the carts are typically moved from room to
1. Press the Home Menu button
2. Select Camera Control from the menu on the left side of the screen and press
There will be 5 context sensitive softkeys along the bottom
of the screen which correspond to the 5 buttons on the top
of the remote.
3. Select the Camera Presets softkey.
4. Select the desired camera preset from the list. (Sign, Participant, Room)
At any time you can press the back button on the remote control to exit the
Camera Presets menu,
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