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General Use; Set Up - Cisco VX Clinical Assistant User Manual

Mobile cart
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MBTelehealth – VX Clinical Assistant Mobile Cart User Guide
Softkeys default to the camera selection options.
Softkeys will auto hide at the bottom of the screen after approximately 5
seconds of inactivity. Pick up the remote to unhide.
Press the Exit softkey to return to the previous menu choices.
Press any arrow button to access the Camera Control softkey options (far end,
camera presets, main source and exit). You can now move the camera using the
arrow keys and the zoom +/-. Note: The Camera Control screen can also be
selected from the home menu.
Press the
key to display the Home menu on the screen.
The element
currently selected
is indicated by
an orange rectangle.
Use the up/down
Arrow keys to
Navigate in a menu.
Virtual Keyboard
In addition to using the keypad on the remote control you can also use the virtual
keyboard. Whenever there is a field that requires entry there will be a Turn Keyboard
On softkey.
1. Select Turn Keyboard On and use the Up arrow to move the cursor inside the
2. Use all 4 arrow keys to move about the keyboard. Select a letter using the enter
The list will keep filtering as you type. Highlight the site and press enter.


The following sections will provide instructions for using your VX Clinical Assistant
mobile cart solution to place and receive videoconference calls.

Set Up

To setup and use the videoconference solution:
1. Turn on the screen/monitor if required. Wake the codec by picking up the remote
control and point it towards the system (ensure your hand is touching the sensors
on the sides of the remote) or press any key on the remote. After approximately
15-20 seconds you will see the home screen.
Example showing a sub menu displayed by
The little
indicates that
a submenu is
pressing the right arrow key.
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