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Cisco VX Clinical Assistant User Manual page 4

Mobile cart
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1. Camera - The built-in camera is a high quality imaging device which transmits
images to the screen/monitor. The camera movements are controlled by a wireless
infra-red (IR) remote control that controls a variety of functions, both on the near and
far end.
2. Codec - The codec is the central part of the videoconferencing equipment. The main
task of the codec is the compression of outgoing video, audio and data, the
decompression of the incoming information and the transmission of this information
between endpoints. The name codec comes from a combination of the two words
compression and decompression.
3. Microphone - The microphone will automatically equalize sound levels so that loud
and soft voices are picked up and transmitted to the far end at approximately the
same level.
4. Screen/Monitor – The built-in screen/monitor displays the far end or the near end
image and content as selected by the user.
5. Remote Control - The remote control is used to place calls, adjust the volume,
navigate screens and select options. It controls all functions of the videoconferencing
equipment. The source control buttons on the front of the cart can be used as well.
The SOURCE CONTROLS located on the front of the cart
allow the user to select and display peripheral devices that
are connected to the back of the videoconference solution.
MBTelehealth – VX Clinical Assistant Mobile Cart User Guide
The Cisco TR5 Remote Contro
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