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Far End Control: Site To Site - Cisco VX Clinical Assistant User Manual

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MBTelehealth – VX Clinical Assistant Mobile Cart User Guide
Adding to My Contacts
1. Select the phone book button on the remote.
2. Scroll down and select a site (ex: Flin Flon-FFPHC-VCU1 ).
3. Press the right arrow and save to my contact.
4. Press Save again (This is a great option if you would like to add your most
frequently called sites from this particular equipment).
Accessing My Contacts
1. Press the phone book on the remote and press OK to select My Contacts.
2. Use the down arrow to select the site and press OK.
3. Press Call (or you can select the site press the green phone button on remote)
Alternatively, once your selected site is indicated by an orange border you can
press the green phone button on the remote.

4.5.4 Far End Control: Site to Site

Taking Far End Camera Control allows you to move the camera at the far end site(s).
Before taking far end camera control, always request permission first and explain why
you are taking control. You may need to take far end camera control if:
There is an unskilled operator at the far end.
The operator requests that you take control.
If the operator isn't able to facilitate the event at their end.
To use far end camera control during a call:
1. Press the Home Menu button
2. Select Far End from the Camera Control options.
3. Move the camera to the desired position using the arrow keys and the zoom +/-
4. Select Near End to turn off Far End Control. Alternatively you can select the
the Exit soft key. There is a message in the top left of the screen which lets you
know if you are using NEAR END or FAR END CAMERA CONTROL.
If the soft buttons change back to Camera, Source 1, Source 2, can
quickly change the soft keys back by pressing an arrow key on your remote.
This will then allow you to select the Far End soft button again.
then select Camera Control
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