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Sharing Content: Laptop - Site To Site - Cisco VX Clinical Assistant User Manual

Mobile cart
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MBTelehealth – VX Clinical Assistant Mobile Cart User Guide
These 2 options will also be available as soft keys at the bottom of screen:
 Move Selfview PIP – each time your press the button, the PIP will move
around the outside of the screen.
 Maximize Selfview – will show selfview full screen
When the presenting site exits the presentation, the only menu items that will be
available is: Hide Selfview/Show Selfview
Pressing the Screen Layout button on the remote or the Remote Layout soft
button on the bottom of the screen only changes the layout when a site is sharing

4.5.7 Sharing Content: Laptop - Site to Site

To connect a laptop to the videoconferencing equipment:
1. Using a VGA/ DVI cable, connect the DVI end to the DVI-I into source 3 at the
back of the mobile cart. Do not plug it into the one that shows a picture of a PC.
DVI Connector
2. Connect the VGA end to the matching port on the laptop and turn the laptop on.
3. Press and hold the PC button on the remote and select PC as the source and
then select the source 3 softkey or the source 3 button on the cart. (Alternately
you can select the Home Menu button
select PC on the sub menu.)
If you do not see your PC image, do the following: on the laptop keyboard, press
the Function key
simultaneously. A display options menu will appear, select the option to display
on both as shown below.
4. Use camera and source 3 on either the remote or the cart to toggle between
VGA Connector
and the appropriate F key (often F5, F8 or F10)
Display options
Source 3
Do Not Use
and select Presentation and then
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