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Troubleshooting; Audio Issues; Video Issues - Cisco VX Clinical Assistant User Manual

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MBTelehealth – VX Clinical Assistant Mobile Cart User Guide


5.1 Audio Issues

Far-end site unable to hear
Unable to hear far-end site
Audio distortion from far-
end site
Echo or distortion at near-
end when people speaking

5.2 Video Issues

Picture is blank on the
Near-end site unable to
hear or see the picture
from far-end peripheral
If you are experiencing any problems with the videoconferencing equipment or
have any questions, please contact the Service Desk for assistance:
Service Desk 204-940-8500 Option 4, Option 1
or toll-free 1-866-999-9698 Option 4, Option 1
For additional information on videoconference equipment visit
contact your Facilitator-eHealth Solutions.
Possible Cause(s)
 Your microphone is muted
 Your microphone is obstructed or
too far from the person speaking
 Microphone is muted at far end site
 Near end monitor and/or codec
Volume is too low
 Far site monitor volume is too high
 Far-end microphone is situated too
close to the monitor
 Speaker/volume is too high on far-
end monitor
Possible Cause(s)
 System has gone into "sleep" mode
 Monitor has been powered off
 Monitor input has changed
 Proper input has not been selected
 Cables are not properly connected
Additional Training Information
 Un-mute your microphone
 Check microphone and ensure it
points towards the person
 Try to instruct far site to un-mute
their microphone
 Increase the volume on the
monitor and/or the codec
 Turn down the volume on the far
end monitor
 Ask to move microphone further
away from monitor
 Ask far-end site to turn volume
down on their monitor.
 Pick up the remote, system will
reactivate in normal mode.
 Turn the monitor on
 Check to see if the monitor
input has been changed (using
the select or input button on
the TV Monitor)
 Check for correct input
selection on remote control
 Check that output from laptop
patient camera, VCR, or
document camera are
connected properly
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