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Sharing Content: Laptop And Camera - Multi Site; Adding An External Monitor - Cisco VX Clinical Assistant User Manual

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MBTelehealth – VX Clinical Assistant Mobile Cart User Guide
GlobalMed Total ExamHD: HDMI (source 1 or 2) DVI-D (source 3)
AMD: S Video source 1-3
LibreStream: S Video source 1-3
Connect the other end to the appropriate port on the Patient Camera.
Turn on the Patient Camera.
Select the soft key or button on the front of the cart that matches the source you
are using. (Ex: if you connected the cable into source #2, then select the source
Use the applicable source and the camera source to toggle between views.

4.6.5 Sharing Content: Laptop and Camera - Multi Site

When both a Laptop and a Patient Camera will be used with the videoconferencing
equipment use the softkeys to select the applicable sources to toggle between views.

4.6.6 Adding an External Monitor

If you require an external monitor so that the participants at your site can view the
session on a larger screen rather than on the mobile cart screen you can add an
external monitor.
This can be accomplished by changing the video setting from Single (default) to Dual
1. Connect the external monitor to the cart using the HDMI output cable that is
hanging at the back of the cart's pedestal.
2. Change the monitor setting from Single to Dual:
Home>Settings>Administrative Settings>Advanced>Video>Monitors. Set to
3. The default setting is single so when the equipment is shut down or restarted it
will revert back to Single mode.
Use the Source Controls on the cart to present different content on the second
display monitor if required.
Alternate method for changing from Single to Dual mode: when a second display
is connected, press and hold the Layout button on the Source Control panel on
the front of the cart for 5 seconds to enable the Dual Display option. The display
will be mirrored.
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