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Screen Layout: Multi Site - Sharing Content: - Cisco VX Clinical Assistant User Manual

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MBTelehealth – VX Clinical Assistant Mobile Cart User Guide
Screen Layout: Multi Site – Sharing Content
The following menu items are available for all sites when content is being shared:
Equal – sites will appear in equal size on the screen
Prominent - your home site will appear larger than the other site on your screen
Overlay - your site will appear smaller and will be overlaid on the other site
Single - your site will appear full size on your screen
Hide Selfview/Show Selfview – shows the image of what you are sending to the
other sites.
The following Softkeys are available when content is being shared:
Minimize Presentation - allows you to view the speaker full screen and puts the
presentation over on the left hand side.
Restore Presentation - allows you to restore the presentation and toggle
between the presenter and presentation in case the presenter is speaking
between slides.
Single - allows you to view the presentation full screen.
Press the Screen Layout button on the remote to bring the menu options up on screen
These 2 options will also be available as soft keys at the bottom of screen:
 Move Selfview PIP – each time your press the button, the PIP will move
around the outside of the screen.
 Maximize Selfview – will show selfview full screen
When the presenting site exits the presentation, the only menu item that will be
available is: Hide Selfview/Show Selfview
Pressing the Screen Layout button on the remote or the Remote Layout soft
button on the bottom of the screen only changes the layout when content is being
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