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Receiving And Ending Video Calls; Dual Video - Cisco VX Clinical Assistant User Manual

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MBTelehealth – VX Clinical Assistant Mobile Cart User Guide

4.7 Receiving and Ending Video Calls

Your VX Clinical Assistant Mobile Cart has been configured to automatically accept all
incoming connection requests. This means that both site to site connections initiated by
another site and multi-site connections will be automatically connected.
You will hear a dial tone that indicates there is an incoming call and your microphone will
automatically mute so that the connecting site cannot overhear what you are discussing.
Once the connection is made, you will need to unmute your microphone so that the other
site(s) can hear you.
If you do not want to accept an incoming call, press
Multi-site (MCU) sessions will be connected to the event automatically at the
scheduled start time.
If you are registered for the event and it is already in progress and you are NOT
connected, you can join by using the connection information shown on the
MCU calls will be automatically disconnected at the scheduled end time.
Ending video calls:
At the completion of the call, press

4.8 Dual Video

Not currently in use
The equipment listed below supports dual video streams which allows users to display
additional video sources through a single DVI port connection:
Cisco SX20 Set Top
MX200/300 Touchscreen
VX Clinical Assistant (Mobile Cart)
Dual video stream allows you to view two different live video streams simultaneously; the
main video and one additional source. For instance, you could view both the PC
presentation as well as the person who gives the presentation.
If the connecting video system does not support dual video stream, no second video
stream will be established for this system and the PC presentation will be shown as the
main video.
to reject the call.
to disconnect
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