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Bedpan washer
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Recommendations for proper use

The user must oversee the machine during the cycle.
When the machine is running do not interrupt the cycle since this jeopardises disinfection.
It is the responsibility of the operator to demonstrably ensure reprocessing standards in
routine operation. Process results must be inspected and documented on a regular basis.
Only process chemicals approved by the chemicals manufacturer for a given application
should be used. The manufacturer of process chemicals is liable for any negative
influences on the material of the load and the machine.
The relevant safety regulations and the process chemical manufacturer's safety datasheets
must be observed. Wear gloves and protective goggles.
The bedpan washer is only designed for use with water and appropriate process
The use of organic solvents or other inflammable liquids is not permitted. This could cause
an explosion, damage rubber or plastic components in the machine and cause liquids to
leak out.
Residues of solvents or acids, particularly hydrochloric acid, can damage steel. Contact
should be avoided.
Repairs and servicing of this machine must be carried out by authorised persons only.
Do not use powder detergent.
Avoid the use of detergents prone to foaming.
Use original accessories only.
Use only genuine load carriers and accessories. Accessories which are not approved by
the manufacturer may compromise reprocessing results as well as user safety.
The water supply connection must be easily accessible to allow the supply to be turned off
when not in use.
The manufacturer declines any responsibility for personal injury or material damage
resulting from a failure to observe the above rules.
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