Steam Connection (Optional) - Miele PWD 8545 MD Operating Instructions Manual

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Steam connection (optional)

The steam connection must comply with safety regulations and the provisions of the installation
plan (connection, max. pressure, peak flow rate).
Once connection is complete, switch on the steam distribution system and gradually open the
steam valves. Check for leakage.
To empty the steam circuit, proceed as follows:
Shut off the steam valve.
Select and start SHORT .
The machine starts to fill with water and the steam line is evacuated. The system displays
the alarm.
The heating system (electric, steam or combined) can be selected by Service, a specialist dealer
or a suitably qualified person.
During installation and/or maintenance, use appropriate personal safety
equipment (protective gloves, face masks, etc.).
The steam supply system must be equipped with an over-pressure safety
device set to 1.1 times the maximum nominal pressure.
Manual shut-off valves are required in close proximity to supply connection
points for all supplies.
Before starting maintenance work, reduce the steam pressure and discharge
the steam to avoid the risk of burns.
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Table of Contents

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