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Instructions On Use; Skill Sets - Miele PWD 8545 MD Operating Instructions Manual

Bedpan washer
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Instructions on use

Instructions for use of the machine will be provided by the Miele Service or an authorised
representative on behalf of Steelco S.p.A. during machine commissioning.
It is the duty of the operator to ensure that staff training is sufficient to perform assigned duties.

Skill sets

Depending on the complexity of installation, machine operation and maintenance, the following
skill sets apply:
SERVICE Installation and repair technician:
A bedpan washer should only be commissioned, maintained and repaired by
Miele Service, a specialist dealer or other suitably qualified person.
Responsible for machine at workplace:
More advanced tasks, e.g. interrupting or cancelling a programme, require a more
detailed knowledge of the machine-based reprocessing of medical devices.
Alterations or adaptations of the machine, e.g. to accessories used or on-site
conditions, require additional specific knowledge of the machine.
Operators must be instructed in operating and loading the machine and trained
regularly to guarantee safe daily use.
Operators must be instructed in the reprocessing of containers for human waste,
e.g. bed pans, urine bottles and surgical drainage bottles.
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