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Replacing containers

To replace a container, proceed as follows:
Disconnect the machine from the power supply.
Provide a new container with process chemicals.
If available: Use the wrench supplied to open the screw-on cap.
Remove the empty container and place it on a surface which is resilient and easy to clean.
Remove the siphon.
Replace the container.
Max. container dimensions: Width: 250 mm, Depth: 150 mm, Height: 275 mm.
Insert the siphon into the new container and tighten the cap.
Place the container inside the machine and close the hatch.
Switch on the machine or reconnect the power supply.
Only use chemical agents designed specifically for use in the machine and
follow the manufacturer's instructions on their application.
Caution when using chemical agents.
Some agents may be corrosive and irritant. All relevant safety regulations and
information contained in safety datasheets issued by the process chemical
manufacturer must be observed. Wear protective goggles and gloves.
Access to the technical compartment where containers are stored requires
the use of a key and should only be granted to authorised persons.
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