Miele PWD 8545 MD Operating Instructions Manual
Miele PWD 8545 MD Operating Instructions Manual

Miele PWD 8545 MD Operating Instructions Manual

Bedpan washer
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Operating instructions
Bedpan washer
PWD 8545 MD
PWD 8545 SAD
PWD 8545 AD
Read the warnings carefully before installing and
using the machine. This prevents both personal
injury and damage to the machine.
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  • Page 1 Operating instructions Bedpan washer PWD 8545 MD PWD 8545 SAD PWD 8545 AD Read the warnings carefully before installing and en - GB using the machine. This prevents both personal injury and damage to the machine.  ...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Contents     GENERAL RULES ..........................5     Limitation of liability ........................5     Validity, contents and filing ......................5     PRODUCT INFORMATION ........................6     Intended purpose and proper use ....................6     Designated purpose .........................
  • Page 4 CONTENTS     Control panel with LED indicator .................... 24     Audible signal ......................... 25     LEDs on control panel ........................ 26     Control panel with LCD display: ..................... 26     Control panel with LED indicator: ................... 27  ...
  • Page 5: General Rules

    GENERAL RULES GENERAL RULES Limitation of liability The manufacturer shall not be held liable for faults or problems which arise due to tampering and/or incorrect applications and/or improper use of the machine. The owner must comply with all instructions contained in these operating instructions, in particular: ...
  • Page 6: Product Information

    ATTENTION Inappropriate use can lead to personal injury and damage to property. Miele cannot be held liable for damage resulting from incorrect or improper use or operation. Advisory note: According to EN ISO 17664, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer of a medical device to provide instructions on reprocessing, including use, cleaning, disinfection, inspection and storage.
  • Page 7: Safety Notes

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Safety notes  A damaged or leaking machine can pose a threat to your safety. Always switch off a damaged or leaking machine immediately and call Service.  Any modification to electrical systems and pipework necessary to install the machine must be carried out by qualified, authorised persons only.
  • Page 8: Recommendations For Proper Use

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Recommendations for proper use  The user must oversee the machine during the cycle.  When the machine is running do not interrupt the cycle since this jeopardises disinfection.  It is the responsibility of the operator to demonstrably ensure reprocessing standards in routine operation.
  • Page 9: Safety Labelling

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Safety labelling Warning signs are applied to the machine and the workplace to inform personnel operating the machine of obligations and risks. General warning signage In particular, symbols indicating obligation, prohibition or risk contained in these instructions and pertinent to this machine and most commonly used are: Warning: Risk of electric Warning: Observe...
  • Page 10: Instructions On Use

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Instructions on use Instructions for use of the machine will be provided by the Miele Service or an authorised representative on behalf of Steelco S.p.A. during machine commissioning. It is the duty of the operator to ensure that staff training is sufficient to perform assigned duties.
  • Page 11: Installation

    INSTALLATION INSTALLATION Water connection Connection to the water supply Please note the following to perform proper installation:  The machine must be connected to the water supply in strict accordance with current local and national water authority regulations.  Use only the inlet hoses supplied with the machine; ...
  • Page 12: Connecting The Drain Hose

    INSTALLATION ATTENTION Tighten the threaded unions at the ends of the hoses. Tighten the nuts by hand before using a spanner or wrench. Please note:  A non-return valve is not required. This machine complies with all valid European standards on the protection of drinking water. ...
  • Page 13: Electrical Connection

    INSTALLATION Electrical connection ATTENTION All electrical work must be carried out by a suitably qualified and competent person in accordance with local and national safety regulations.  The machine must only be operated at the voltage, frequency and fuse rating shown on the data plate.
  • Page 14 INSTALLATION The dedicated mains switch must be positioned in an accessible place not obstructed by other machines. Examples for the location of the mains switch The mains switch should be installed at a distance of no more than 1000 mm from the machine. The mains switch should be installed at a height of between 1000 mm and 1400 mm above the floor.
  • Page 15: Steam Connection (Optional)

    INSTALLATION Steam connection (optional) The steam connection must comply with safety regulations and the provisions of the installation plan (connection, max. pressure, peak flow rate). Once connection is complete, switch on the steam distribution system and gradually open the steam valves. Check for leakage. ATTENTION During installation and/or maintenance, use appropriate personal safety equipment (protective gloves, face masks, etc.).
  • Page 16: Commissioning

    COMMISSIONING COMMISSIONING A bedpan washer should only be commissioned, maintained and repaired by Miele Service, a specialist dealer or other suitably qualified person. REV.0.00_COD.223130_A4 Page 16...
  • Page 17: Dispensing Of Process Chemicals

    Level-fill indicator Optionally and depending on the model version, the machine may also be equipped with an additional dispenser system for liquid detergent. This system can be retrofitted by Miele Service or an appropriately qualified person. The dispenser system comprises the following: ...
  • Page 18: Replacing Containers

    DISPENSING OF PROCESS CHEMICALS Replacing containers To replace a container, proceed as follows:  Disconnect the machine from the power supply.  Provide a new container with process chemicals.  If available: Use the wrench supplied to open the screw-on cap. ...
  • Page 19: Notes

    DISPENSING OF PROCESS CHEMICALS Notes  Observe instructions issued by the process chemical manufacturer regarding the maximum amount dispensed per programme cycle.  Regular maintenance is recommended in order to guarantee the efficiency of the dispensing system.  Use liquid chemical agents only. Do not use powder detergent. ...
  • Page 20: Operation

    OPERATION OPERATION Fill level monitor Check the quantity of process chemicals at the beginning of each working day. Check levels again several times during the day, depending on the frequency of use. When necessary, replace process chemicals as described below: ...
  • Page 21: Semi-Automatic Door

    OPERATION Semi-automatic door The door is closed using the handle. The door is opened using a foot pedal. Automatic door The door on machines with an automatic door is both opened and closed by means of foot pedal. Briefly press the foot pedal to open the door. There are two ways of closing the door: 1.
  • Page 22: Loading The Machine

    OPERATION Loading the machine Special load carriers are required, depending on the load.  Position the load carefully on the load carrier.  Do not place items to be cleaned inside others where they are shielded from exposure to water. ...
  • Page 23: Control Panels And Symbols

    CONTROL PANELS AND SYMBOLS CONTROL PANELS AND SYMBOLS Control panels The control panel makes the machine easy to use as it shows the current stage of the cycle, the maximum temperature reached during disinfection and error messages. Control panel with LCD indicator Control panel with LED indicator LCD indicator ...
  • Page 24: Buttons

    CONTROL PANELS AND SYMBOLS Buttons Control panel with LCD display: Control panel with LED indicator REV.0.00_COD.223130_A4 Page 24...
  • Page 25: Audible Signal

    CONTROL PANELS AND SYMBOLS BUTTON DESCRIPTION START Start programme. Press once to interrupt a programme. STOP Press twice to cancel a programme. For accessing all programmes. To select, press the PRG button until the required programme appears in the display. During standby: Press the button for 5 seconds to access the menu.
  • Page 26: Leds On Control Panel

    CONTROL PANELS AND SYMBOLS LEDs on control panel Control panel with LCD display:  START (yellow)  STOP (red)  INCOMPLETE DISINFECTION (flashing red)  FINISHED PROGRAMME (green)  PROGRAMMES (yellow) DETERGENT SELECTION (yellow). REV.0.00_COD.223130_A4 Page 26...
  • Page 27: Control Panel With Led Indicator

    CONTROL PANELS AND SYMBOLS Control panel with LED indicator:  START (yellow)  PROGRAMMES (yellow)  PRE-RINSE (yellow)  MAIN WASH (yellow)  RINSE (yellow)  FINISHED PROGRAMME (green)  INCOMPLETE DISINFECTION (flashing red) REV.0.00_COD.223130_A4 Page 27...
  • Page 28: Programmes

    PROGRAMMES PROGRAMMES Programmes The machine offers the following wash cycles to meet a variety of requirements: BUTT DESCRIPTION INDICATOR INDICATOR This wash cycle is ideal for washing slightly Short S H o soiled items and removing liquids. This washing cycle is designed for dirty n o r STANDARD items containing excrement of normal...
  • Page 29: Starting A Programme

    PROGRAMMES Starting a programme. To start the washing cycle, proceed as follows:  Close the door.  Select programme, e.g. SHORT , STANDARD  or INTENSIVE .  Press START . ATTENTION On machines equipped with an automatic door, the programme starts automatically when the foot pedal is pressed.
  • Page 30: Machine Status

    MACHINE STATUS MACHINE STATUS Preparation When the machine is switched on, the internal tank is automatically filled with water. The machine is ready for use once a certain water level is reached. Ready for operation The machine is ready for operation. The diagnostics are active.
  • Page 31: Menu

    MENU 10. MENU To enter the menu, hold PRG  pressed for 5 seconds in the READY FOR OPERATION or ERROR mode. Press PRG  to browse the various menu options:  "SET DATE" (Date and time setting)  "PRINT REPORT" ...
  • Page 32: Printing Reports

    MENU 10.2 Printing reports Control panel with LCD display:  Hold PRG  pressed for 5 seconds.  Use PRG  to scroll through the menu until the following option appears in the display: "PRINT REPORTS"  Press START . ...
  • Page 33: Deleting Reports

    The programme settings should be adjusted to suit technical requirements and the load. Additional specialist knowledge is required to alter programme settings and this should therefore be undertaken only by experienced users or by Miele Service. ATTENTION Programme and dispensing changes must be documented in the case of validated processes.
  • Page 34 MENU Control panel with LCD display:  Hold PRG  pressed for 5 seconds.  Use PRG  to scroll through the menu until the following option appears in the display: "USER PROGRAMME"  Press START .  Enter the password using SHORT  and STANDARD  and confirm by pressing START .
  • Page 35: Steam Source

    MENU 10.5 Steam source Control panel with LCD display:  Hold PRG  pressed for 5 seconds.  Use PRG  to scroll through the menu until the following option appears in the display: "STEAM SOURCE"  Press START . ...
  • Page 36: Selecting Language

    MENU 10.6 Selecting language Control panel with LCD display:  Hold PRG  pressed for 5 seconds.  Use PRG  to scroll through the menu until the following option appears in the display: "LANGUAGE"  Press START .  Press SHORT ...
  • Page 37: History

    HISTORY 11. HISTORY The data from up to 800 cycles can be saved to memory. The following data from each cycle is saved: DATA START TIME PROGRAMME MAX °C HOLD>85°C FAULTS 9/7/01 12.00 SHORT 93°C 180 seconds 10/7/01 13.05 STANDARD 94°C 210 seconds The oldest reports are deleted when the memory is full.
  • Page 38: Pc Interface

    PC INTERFACE 12. PC INTERFACE The controls include an RS232 interface with a Modbus protocol. This interface can be used to read out historical data, cf. Section PRINTING REPORTS. For this purpose, the printer must be set up as follows: ...
  • Page 39: Error Messages

    ERROR MESSAGES 14. ERROR MESSAGES ATTENTION Repairs should only be performed by Miele Service or a suitably qualified person. Repairs and other work by unqualified persons could be dangerous for the user. DISPLAY MESSAGE DESCRIPTION ALL. Er 0 POWER FAILURE A power failure occurred during a programme cycle.
  • Page 40 ERROR MESSAGES DISPLAY MESSAGE DESCRIPTION ALL. This condition occurs when the temperatures measured by the SENSOR E 19 two temperature sensors in the chamber (main and redundant DISCREPANCY sensor) differ by more than the pre-set parameter. E 20 REDUNDANT SENSOR The redundant temperature sensor is not working properly. This condition occurs when communication between master and E 21 SERIAL CAN...
  • Page 41: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE 15. MAINTENANCE 15.1 General recommendations on maintenance GENERAL GUIDELINES Machine status The machine must be disconnected from the power supply before maintenance work is commenced. The person performing the task must ensure that there is no-one in the vicinity of the machine during this operation.
  • Page 42 MAINTENANCE Cleaning and maintenance work Interval Activity Person  Daily Cleaning of casing User  Weekly Cleaning of external surfaces  User Spray nozzles: Check and clean as necessary.  Check disinfection performance.  Annually Filters in valves: Check, clean and replace as necessary.
  • Page 43 MAINTENANCE ATTENTION For surface disinfection use a product recommended by the manufacturer. The machine has a safety thermostat which interrupts the power supply to the heater elements in the event of overheating. Always locate a fault before switching the machine on again. CLEANING THE MACHINE CASING Person: USER Frequency: daily...
  • Page 44: Problems - Causes - Solutions

    Incorrect dispensing: Dispenser pump is not working properly. The routine maintenance is performed by a service technician. (User: SERVICE) Dispenser pump failure. Contact Miele Service or call in a service technician to repair or replace the pump. REV.0.00_COD.223130_A4 Page 44...
  • Page 45: Disposing Of An Old Machine

    DISPOSING OF AN OLD MACHINE 17. DISPOSING OF AN OLD MACHINE Please note that the machine may contain contamination from blood, bodily fluids, pathogens, facultative pathogens, genetically modified material, etc. and must be decontaminated before disposal. For environmental and safety reasons ensure the machine is completely drained of any residual water, chemical residues and cleaning agent.
  • Page 48 P.O. Box 11 47 82 – Dubai Tel. +971 4 3044 999, Manufacturer: Steelco S.p.A. Fax. +971 4 3418 852 800-MIELE (64353) Via Balegante, 27 31039 Riese Pio X (TV) - Italy E-Mail: info@miele.ae, Website: www.miele.ae All rights reserved / Creation date: 2018-10-26...

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