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15.1 General recommendations on maintenance


Machine status
The machine must be disconnected from the power supply before maintenance work is
The person performing the task must ensure that there is no-one in the vicinity of the machine
during this operation.
Safety systems
The machine should only be operated in compliance with valid standards and regulations relating
to the use of process chemicals (cf. datasheets for individual products). Rules relating to contact
with machine parts potentially contaminated with pathogens also apply. Use personal protective

Procedure for routine maintenance work

Routine maintenance includes all operations aimed at keeping various parts of the machine clean
and functional.
Work must be performed on a regular basis (see table in Section "Routine maintenance work") or
when considered necessary to rectify incorrect machine performance.
Since these are simple cleaning operations, they are normally performed by the machine
operators at their own risk.

15.2 Routine maintenance work

Routine maintenance must be performed at regular intervals. Certain maintenance work requires
special knowledge of the machine. The following table lists routine maintenance work, the
intervals at which they should be performed and the persons responsible.
Each individual task is fully explained in the respective forms.
Even if the water supply is relatively soft, the high temperature can cause the formation of
residues which may create problems with the heater elements and compromise wash
For this reason it is advisable to carry out regular cleaning as described below.
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