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Bedpan washer
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Before use, the user should be familiar with the functions and
proper operation of the machine and must know the precise
function of the machine's operating controls.

Intended purpose and proper use

Designated purpose

This machine is intended for the cleaning, rinsing and thermal disinfection of reprocessable
containers for human waste, e.g. bedpans, urine bottles, drainage bottles, etc. in medical
establishments such as hospitals and nursing homes.
This machine is intended for indoor use only.

Improper use

Use of the machine is only permitted for the applications expressly approved in the operating
instructions. Any other use, conversions and modification are not permitted and could be
Advisory note: According to EN ISO 17664, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer of a
medical device to provide instructions on reprocessing, including use, cleaning, disinfection,
inspection and storage. If containers for human waste are contaminated with blood, excrement
or bodily fluids during use, such products must be reprocessed before re-use in accordance with
instructions provided by the manufacturer of the medical device, observing international and
local standards. Washer-disinfectors play a role in the reprocessing of containers for human
Inappropriate use can lead to personal injury and damage to property.
Miele cannot be held liable for damage resulting from incorrect or improper
use or operation.
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Table of Contents

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