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Installation; Water Connection; Connection To The Water Supply - Miele PWD 8545 MD Operating Instructions Manual

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Water connection

Connection to the water supply

Please note the following to perform proper installation:
The machine must be connected to the water supply in strict accordance with current local
and national water authority regulations.
Use only the inlet hoses supplied with the machine;
Do not shorten or otherwise damage the inlet hoses supplied with the machine;
Minimum flow pressure is 100 kPa (1 bar). The maximum permissible water pressure is 800
kPa (8 bar).
A booster pump is required if flow pressure is below 100 kPa (1 bar).
If the pressure is higher than 800 kPa (8 bar) a pressure-reducing valve should be installed.
Softened water should be used if the average hardness of the water supply is above 7°fH
(3.93°dH, 0.7 mmol/l).
Connect to the water supply using a stopcock with a ¾" threaded union which is located
close to the machine for easy access.
Ensure that the supply hose has a sufficient diameter and is suitable for the flow rate. A
stopcock must also be provided on site.
During machine installation, the installer must proceed as follows:
1. Identify the hoses supplied with the machine and make sure they are undamaged;
2. Connect inlet hoses according to the following chart:
3. Connect hoses to on-site water supplies.
4. Flush out any debris from the pipework and taps. To do this, place the ends of the hoses
in a bucket and turn on the water supply.
5. Check the water temperature according to the specifications of the installation plan.
6. Ensure that hoses from the water supply match the solenoid valves on the machine.
7. Connect the hoses to the machine. Note the labelling on the machine.
8. Open the stopcocks and check for leakage.
9. Deal with the cause of any leakage and check again.
See accompanying installation plan.
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