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Bedpan washer
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Safety notes

 A damaged or leaking machine can pose a threat to your safety. Always switch off a damaged
or leaking machine immediately and call Service.
 Any modification to electrical systems and pipework necessary to install the machine must be
carried out by qualified, authorised persons only.
 This machine should only be operated by suitably trained persons.
Non-instructed and untrained persons should be forbidden from using the machine.
 This bedpan washer was designed for the sole purpose of washing and thermally disinfecting
human waste containers, e.g., bedpans, urine bottles or surgical drainage bottles used in
hospitals and nursing homes. Any other use is forbidden.
 The bedpan washer should only be commissioned, maintained and repaired by Service, a
specialist dealer or other suitably qualified person. Unauthorised installation, maintenance and
repairs can expose the user to considerable risk.
 The electrical safety of the machine can only be guaranteed when correctly earthed. It is
essential that this standard safety requirement is observed and regularly monitored. If in any
doubt, please have the electrical installation inspected by a qualified electrician. The
manufacturer cannot be held liable for the consequences of an inadequate earthing system,
e.g. electric shock.
 Take care when using process chemicals. Exercise caution when handling chemicals: avoid
contact, wear gloves and act in compliance with the safety recommendations issued by the
manufacturer of the chemical products.
 Do not inhale fumes and vapours from process chemicals.
 Do not use organic or inflammable liquids as this may result in the risk of explosion.
 Do not lean on the door and do not use it as a step.
 The water in the chamber is NOT safe to drink.
 Do not install the machine in an area where there is any risk of explosion or of freezing
 Never clean the machine with a pressure cleaner.
 The machine reaches a temperature of 93°C during the work cycle: take great care to avoid
 Disconnect the machine from the power supply before repair or maintenance work.
The relevant safety regulations and safety data sheets issued by the
manufacturers of process chemicals must be observed.
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