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Bedpan washer
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Fill level monitor

Check the quantity of process chemicals at the beginning of each working day. Check levels again
several times during the day, depending on the frequency of use.
When necessary, replace process chemicals as described below:
Obtain appropriate individual protection gear (gloves for protection from chemical
substances, breathing protection masks etc.) and the detergent container to be poured
into the machine tank.
Press the main switch  to switch the machine off.
Follow the instructions under DISPENSING OF PROCESS CHEMICALS.

Switching the machine on

Switch the machine on.
Press the main switch .
The control panel is automatically activated.

Opening and closing the door

The machine is fitted with an automatic door lock which prevents the door from being opened
during operation.
To open the door during a wash cycle, interrupt the cycle. Please note:
1. The chamber and the load may be very hot.
2. An aborted programme must be restarted from the beginning.
Various door opening mechanisms are described below.

Manual door

The opening and closing of the door occurs by means of handle.
Take care when using process chemicals. Some chemicals may be hazardous
in contact with skin or when inhaled.
Carefully read the safety information provided by the process chemical
supplier and product labelling prior to use.
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