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Control Panel Settings & Functions; Bread Type Setting Descriptions - Black & Decker All-In-One Horizontal B2000 Operating Instructions & Cook Book

Automatic breadmaker


Table of Contents
Control Panel Settings & Functions
NOTE: When using the touch pad control, be sure to
press the pad until you hear a beep.
1. Digital Display Window
The black arrow at the right side of the display
indicates your bread setting choice; the left side
arrow indicates the DOUGH, BAKE only settings,
and CRUST color choices.
When set, the digital clock will show either the
current time of day, or, when the breadmaker is
operating, the time it will take for your bread to
be completed under the selected setting.
Shows minute-by-minute time countdown.
Indicates troubleshooting message in the
Window (see "Troubleshooting" pg. 11)

Bread Type Setting Descriptions

NOTE: The number in parentheses following each
setting description represents the total baking time.
Each setting begins with a preheat period which
delays the mixing cycle until the desired
temperature is reached within the oven chamber.
The preheat cycle is included in the overall cycle
(3:50 hours)
2. Clock Button
Use when setting the current time of day.
The CLOCK button is used with the "Up" and
"Down" arrows to set the clock.
3. Timer Button
Use when setting the TIMER to delay baking.
The TIMER button is used with the "Up" and
"Down" arrows to set the time you wish your
bread to be complete (up to 13 hour delay).
4. Start/Reset Button
Press to start operation and to display the time it
will take for your bread to be completed under
the selected setting.
Press and hold to cancel the breadmaking
operation. The red "on" light goes out & unit
beeps (DO NOT press when you are just check-
ing the progress of your bread or you will cancel
your program).
5. Indicator Lights
The red "operation " light indicates that the
breadmaking operation has started. When the
cycle is complete, the red light will flash for 60
minutes in its "Keep Warm" cycle. If you do not
remove the bread after 60 minutes, it will simply
remain on to show you that the unit is still
plugged in.
The green "timer" light indicates that the timer
function is on. When the actual breadmaking
operation begins, the green light will go off, and
the red light will come on.
This setting is used for breads which primarily use
white flour, though some recipes may include small
amounts of whole wheat flour as well. In the U.S.,
be sure to use Bread Flour; in Canada, you may use
Canadian All-Purpose Flour or Bread Flour. Follow
recipes carefully. Basic Bread/Regular Crust will
produce good results when you are using
ingredients such as cheese, nuts, or cornmeal as
they tend to brown easily. Choose Basic Bread/Dark
Crust, to produce a loaf with a darker crust without
lengthening the baking time.

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