Getting To Know Your Breadmaker; Quick Tips; Names Of Parts - Black & Decker All-In-One Horizontal B2000 Operating Instructions & Cook Book

Automatic breadmaker
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Quick Tips

Your breadmaker makes large 2 lb (900 g) loaves
of bread.
There are six settings including one for
DOUGH and BAKE only.
The SUPER RAPID bake setting can produce
variations of white bread in 70 minutes.
This setting can only be used with recipes
supplied (see pg. 21). You cannot use the
timer with this selection. This setting cannot
handle heavier recipes such as whole grain
because of its shortened rising cycle.
Depending on the recipe you select, the
DOUGH setting will let you produce dough
that can be shaped into cinnamon rolls,
pizza, long loaves, pretzels, or more.
Consult the Cookbook section of this manual.
The Crust Control function lets you choose
RAPID bake, or SWEET settings. It cannot be
used on the GRAIN or DOUGH settings.
The "Keep Warm" function begins automatically
after bread is baked. It keeps baked bread
warm up to an hour after the baking is done.
This function stops after 60 minutes or when
the unit is unplugged, or the Start/Reset button
is pressed.
Viewing Window
Baking Pan (Installed in Case)
with Wire Handle
Control Panel

Getting To Know Your Breadmaker

Names Of Parts

An "Add-Ingredient" function signals with
beeps when it's time to add ingredients
such as fruits or nuts to recipes used with any
setting except SUPER RAPID bake. A beep
signals before kneading is completed to let you
know when to add ingredients. This feature
helps keep fruit or nuts whole (See "Add-
Ingredient Function" pg. 10 for more details).
If you use the TIMER to delay baking, you may
add all ingredients at once and bypass this
function, however, your fruit or nuts may get
"chopped" and blended into the bread.
Do not cover the breadmaker with towels
or other material that may prevent steam from
escaping. Some steaming from vents is normal.
Because of escaping steam, you should keep the
breadmaker several inches away from cabinets
while making bread.
Do not place any objects on top of the
IMPORTANT: Add ingredients in the order they
are specified in the recipe. For best results,
accurate measuring of ingredients is very
important. Do not put larger quantities than
recommended into the Baking Pan as it may
produce poor results and may damage the
Oven Chamber
Power Supply Cord
Wire Handle
Mixing Paddle

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Table of Contents

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