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Mitsubishi Electric MELIPC MI1002-W-CL User Manual page 27

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Precautions for Transfer or Disposal of This Product
Be sure to erase important data in the storage completely before transferring or disposing of this
product. Even if the data is invisible on the OS, it may remain in storage. To prevent data leakage to
third parties, the customer is responsible for erasing the data using a commercial tool or the like.
● Precautions for transferring this product to a third party
When transferring (or selling) this product to a third party, please pass on this document, the attached
parts and instructions, license agreement and other documents together with the product.
● Precautions for disposal of this product and its consumables (*)
When disposing of this product, follow the rules of the country, region, or municipality.
For details on battery regulations in EU member states, refer to "11. Battery and battery embedded
equipment in EU member states."
Be sure to dispose of the attached AC adaptor and power cable(Only MI1002-W) together with this
product to prevent diversion for other purposes.
(*) This product contains lithium battery (button type).
Cautions for Transportation by Air or Sea
This product uses a button type lithium metal battery. When transporting lithium batteries, follow the
transportation regulations. For details on the regulations, refer to Mitsubishi Technical Bulletins as follows.
Precautions for transport recommendations on lithium batteries (FA-A-0259)
● Batteries used in this product
Model name
● Regulation of perchlorate in California, U.S.
Since December 31, 2006, the U.S. state of California requires warning texts on the packaging of
products incorporating or embedded with lithium primary batteries containing 6 ppb or more of
perchlorate. The battery used in this product does not contain perchlorate. Therefore, there is no need
for you to take special measures.
● Notes on transportation
When shipping this product, this product has been packed at MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION in
accordance the transportation regulations. When you transport this product after repacking or
unpacking the product, please follow the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, IMDG Code, and the
transportation regulations of each country. Please confirm with your carrier for details.
Product type
Lithium metal battery
Lithium content
0.06 g per unit
2.5 g per unit
Not dangerous



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