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Mitsubishi Electric MELIPC MI1002-W-CL User Manual

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MI1002-W User's Manual



Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric MELIPC MI1002-W-CL

  • Page 1 MI1002-W User's Manual -MI1002-W -MI1002-W-CL...
  • Page 3 Precautions regarding Warranty This product was developed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in collaboration with NEC Corporation. Please see the following notes regarding the warranty and specifications of this product. Warranty MI1002-W、MI1002-W-CL 18 months after delivery or, Gratis warranty term...
  • Page 4: Conditions Of Use For The Product

    Conditions of Use for the Product (1). This product ("the PRODUCT") shall be used in conditions; i) where any problem, fault or failure occurring in the PRODUCT, if any, shall not lead to any major or serious accident; and ii) where the backup and fail-safe function are systematically or automatically provided outside of the PRODUCT for the case of any problem, fault or failure occurring in the PRODUCT (2).
  • Page 5: Precautions For Use (Be Sure To Read)

    Precautions for Use (Be Sure to Read) This manual provides information necessary for safe and correct use of this product. Keep this manual nearby so that you can refer to it as necessary. Be sure to read this manual before using this product.
  • Page 6 Symbols Used in This Manual and on Warning Labels Attention Indicates the potential for smoke and/or Indicates the risk of electric shock. fire to occur. Indicates the possibility that you get Indicates there is a risk of explosion that your fingers pinched between the...
  • Page 7 Safety Notes This section provides notes on using this product safely. Read this section carefully to ensure proper and safe use of this product. General notes Do not use the product if any smoke, odor, or noise is present. If smoke, an abnormal odor or a sound is generated from the product, immediately turn off the main unit, unplug the power cable from the outlet, and then contact your nearest sales agent or maintenance service company.
  • Page 8 Notes on power connections Plug the power cable into an outlet that matches the voltage of the unit. Plug the power cable supplied with this product(Only MI1002-W) into a 100V outlet in line with the voltage inscribed on the unit. When using this product in a country or region other than Japan, prepare a power cable corresponding to the power supply for the country or region where this product will be used.
  • Page 9 Plug the power cable into the specified outlet. Use a 3-pin outlet with ground electrode or 2-pin outlet with ground terminal that matches the specified voltage. If you are using a 2-pin outlet with ground terminal, use a 2-pin conversion plug with a ground wire supplied with this product(Only MI1002-W) and connect the ground wire securely to the ground terminal of the outlet.
  • Page 10 Hold the plug part when removing the AC power cable. Pull the plug by holding the plug part to disconnect the AC power cable. Pulling the AC power cable out by the cable may cause breakage, resulting in electrical shock or fire. Secure the AC power cable in place.
  • Page 11 Notes on installing, moving, storing, or connecting this product Do not connect the ground wire and FG cable to a gas pipe. Never connect the ground wire of the 2-pin conversion plug(Only MI1002-W) and FG cable supplied with this product to a gas pipe. Failure to follow this warning may cause a gas explosion or a fire.
  • Page 12 Use the specified articles. Use only the genuine articles specified by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION. If an optional article whose operation has not been verified by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION is attached or connected, not only will the product not work properly, there is a risk of malfunction.
  • Page 13 Notes on maintenance Do not remove the lithium metal battery (button type). A lithium metal battery (button type) is installed in this product. Do not attempt to remove this lithium metal battery (button type). Exposing the battery to flame or water may cause it to catch fire or rupture.
  • Page 14 Do not disassemble. Do not disassemble, repair, or modify this product by yourself. Doing so may result in insufficient performance depending on the usage environment, malfunction, electric shock, or fire. Notes during operation Avoid contact with this product during thunderstorms. Do not touch any part of this product including cables when a thunderstorm is approaching.
  • Page 15 Safety Precautions Avant d'utiliser ce produit, lire attentivement ce manuel ainsi que les manuels auxquels il renvoie, et toujours considérer la sécurité comme de la plus haute importance en manipulant le produit correctement. Dans ce manuel, les précautions de sécurité sont classées en deux niveaux, à...
  • Page 16 Symbols Used in This Manual and on Warning Labels Attention Indique le risque potentiel de fumée et / ou Cette étiquette indique un risque de choc d'incendie. électrique. Indique le risque potentiel de dommages Indique qu'il existe un risque d'explosion causés par des températures élevées.
  • Page 17 Gardez l'eau ou les corps étrangers à l'écart du produit. Ne laissez pas tomber de liquides tels que de l'eau ou d'autres corps étrangers tels qu'une épingle ou un trombone dans ce produit. Le non-respect de cet avertissement peut provoquer un choc électrique, un incendie. Si de telles choses pénètrent accidentellement dans le produit, coupez immédiatement l'alimentation et débranchez la fiche d'alimentation de la prise.
  • Page 18 Brancher le câble d’alimentation dans la prise. Utilisez une prise à 3 broches avec une électrode de masse ou une prise à 2 broches avec une borne de mise à la terre correspondant à la tension spécifiée. Si vous utilisez une prise à...
  • Page 19 ●Ne pas étirer ou plier le câble d’alimentation. ●Ne marchez pas et ne pincez pas le câble d'alimentation. ●Ne fixez pas le câble d’alimentation avec des agrafes ou des équivalents. ●Déroulez le câble d’alimentation avant de l'utiliser. ●Gardez les produits chimiques éloignés du câble d’alimentation. ●Ne placez aucun objet sur le câble d’alimentation.
  • Page 20 N'utilisez pas le câble d’alimentation fourni pour d'autres appareils ou usages. Le câble d’alimentation fourni avec le produit(MI1002-W uniquement) est conçu pour ce produit. N'utilisez pas le câble d’alimentation fourni pour d'autres produits ou objectifs. Cela pourrait provoquer un incendie ou une électrocution. Ne remettez pas l'appareil sous tension immédiatement après la mise hors tension.
  • Page 21 électrique. Utilisez uniquement le câble d'interface spécifié. Utilisez uniquement les câbles d'interface fournis par MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION et localisez un périphérique et un connecteur appropriés avant de connecter un câble. L'utilisation d'un câble non autorisé ou la connexion d'un câble à...
  • Page 22 Notes pour la maintenance Ne retirez pas la batterie au lithium métal (type bouton). Une batterie au lithium métal (type bouton) est installée dans ce produit. N'essayez pas de retirer cette pile au lithium métal (type bouton). L'exposition de la batterie à la flamme ou à...
  • Page 23 Notes pour l’utilisation Ne pas toucher pendant les orages. Ne retirez pas le couvercle de l'unité principale lorsque la fiche d'alimentation est branchée sur la prise secteur. Le non-respect de cet avertissement peut provoquer un choc électrique. Gardez les êtres vivants éloignés de ce produit. Tenez les petits animaux, les insectes et autres créatures éloignés de ce produit.
  • Page 24 Warning Labels A warning label is placed on the components and peripherals that require careful handling (The warning label is printed or attached). The warning labels contain information about possible dangers in dealing with this product. Therefore, do not peel off, cover, or dirty the warning labels. If no warning label is printed or attached on this product, or if the attached or printed warning label is peeling off or dirty, please contact your sales agent.
  • Page 25 Properly shielded and grounded cables and connectors must be used in order to meet FCC emission limits. Mitsubishi Electric is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by using other than recommended cables and connectors or by unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment.
  • Page 26 Handling Precautions (for proper operations) Be sure to observe the following precautions for the proper functioning of this product. Ignoring the precautions may cause malfunction or failure. Before moving this product, turn off the power and remove the plug from the outlet. ...
  • Page 27 ● Notes on transportation When shipping this product, this product has been packed at MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION in accordance the transportation regulations. When you transport this product after repacking or unpacking the product, please follow the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, IMDG Code, and the...
  • Page 28 ® This product uses Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. However, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION will not warrant against any response or damage arising from problems with Microsoft products. For problems and specifications of Microsoft products, please consult the Microsoft product manual or contact Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Page 29: Table Of Contents

    Contents Precautions regarding Warranty ........................... i Conditions of Use for the Product ..........................ii Precautions for Use (Be Sure to Read) ...................... iii Components ........................2 Dimensions ........................2 Component names and functions ..................3 Installation ........................4 4.1. Place the product to a proper location ................4 4.2.
  • Page 30 Preface Thank you for purchasing this product.(*) In order to maximize the functions of this product, please read this manual thoroughly before using it and fully understand the handling of this product. (*)After that, MI1002-W includes MI1002-W-CL unless otherwise noted. About this manual This manual is a guide to make sure that you can use this product correctly.
  • Page 31: Components

    1. Components The components included with this product are as follows. If there are any defective or missing items, please contact your sales agent. ●MI1002-W main unit ●AC adapter ●Power cable(Only MI1002-W) ●Power cable clamp ●2-pin conversion plug (with ground wire) (Only MI1002-W) ●FG cable ●Getting Started...
  • Page 32: Component Names And Functions

    3. Component names and functions ●Front panel ●Rear panel ● LEDs on the top panel POWER LED The switch to turn this product on or off. The light is blue when on, red when off. Display connector (HDMI) HDMI-compatible connector USB connector (4 ports) USB 2.0-compatible connectors.
  • Page 33: Installation

    4. Installation This chapter describes how to install this product. Please prepare any required articles besides the components included with this product on your own or consult with your installation company. 4.1. Place the product to a proper location Determine the location to place this product. Install this product in a place that meets the following conditions.
  • Page 34: Connect Cables

    4.2. Connect cables Connect the cables to the connectors of this product. (*1) When connecting the Connect the power Then, connect the connector, be careful cable to the AC power cable to an of its orientation. adapter. (*3) outlet. (*4) (*1) Attach the FG cable before connecting the power cable to an outlet by referring to the procedure on how to attach the FG cable described later in “Hardware Quick Reference.”...
  • Page 35 Hardware quick reference ● FG cable Attach the FG cable according to the procedure below. (1) Remove the functional ground screws on the rear panel. Then, attach one end of the FC cable to the rear panel and tighten the functional ground screws. (2) Ground the other end of the FC cable.
  • Page 36 (3) Loop the fastener around the AC adapter. Pass the fastener through the other rectangular hole on the plate. (4) Pull the fastener so it is not slack. Fold back and affix the fastener. (5) Check to make sure that the power cable is secured as shown in the figure.
  • Page 37: Os Setup

    5. OS setup This chapter describes how to set up an operating system. Set up the operating system according to the flowchart below. Start First time setup after purchasing this product? Reinstallation Setup Re-setup using a recovery medium (5.1) (5.2) Setup (5.1) OS setup complete...
  • Page 38: Setup

    5.1. Setup This product is preinstalled with Windows 10, Edgecross basic software, and SLMP data collector. This chapter describes how to set these up when turning on the power of this product for the first time or reinstalling them by using a recovery medium. 5.1.1.
  • Page 39 3. Select a country or region where this product will be used. 4. Create a user account. Enter a user name, password, and password hint, and click [Next]. 5. The initial setting is performed automatically. * It takes several minutes for the initial setting. The OS restarts, but do not press the power switch. 6.
  • Page 40: Welcome To Windows" Specifications

    5.1.2. “Welcome to Windows” specifications The image stored on the preinstallation or recovery medium is the image after running sysprep and generalize. ”Welcome to Windows” starts at the initial startup. Item Setting Displayed (Japanese, English, and Chinese Language selection (simplified)) EULA Displayed Product key input...
  • Page 41: Re-Setup Using A Recovery Medium

    5.2. Re-setup using a recovery medium This section describes re-setup using a recovery medium. If you installed Edgecross basic software and SLMP data collector by mistake, you can re-  install them by using each installation file stored in the following folders. Edgecross basic software: C:\Recovery_Media\BasicSoftware SLMP data collector:...
  • Page 42: Preparation For Re-Setup

    5.2.2. Preparation for re-setup Before starting re-setup, prepare the following medium and manual.  Recovery medium  User’s Manual (This manual) Do not connect any external storage device to the USB port other than the USB  DVD drive to which the recovery medium is set. 5.2.3.
  • Page 43: Installing Windows 10

    5.2.4. Installing Windows 10 1. Start from the recovery medium. When ”Press any key to boot from CD or DVD...” is displayed, press the Enter key to start the system from the recovery medium. 2. When the command prompt starts and the following message is displayed, press the Y key. Pressing the N key aborts the processing.
  • Page 44: Event Logs

    5.3. Event logs ■System logs Source Level Message (Description) Action Event filter with query "select * from __InstanceModificationEvent where targetinstance isa '__ArbitratorConfiguration'" could not be reactivated in Microsoft-Windows-WMI Error namespace “//./root” because of error 0x80041033. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until this problem is corrected. If this event log was registered only while installing the OS and the same event log has not been registered continuously, there is no problem.
  • Page 45 Service Control The netprofm service terminated with the following error: Error Manager The device is not ready. 7023 If this event log was registered only while installing the OS and the same event log has not been registered continuously, there is no problem. The iphlpsvc service terminated with the following error: Service Control Error...
  • Page 46 ■Application logs Source Levele Message (Description) Action Microsoft-Windows- Unable to remove Windows Search Service indexed data for user '%1' in Error Search-ProfileNotify response to user profile deletion. Error code %2. If this event log was registered only while installing the OS and the same event log has not been registered continuously, there is no problem.
  • Page 47 ■Management event logs Source Levele Message (Description) Action Failed with 0x490 modifying AppModel Runtime status for package AppModel-Runtime Error ************************* for user ********* (current status = 0x0, desired status = 0x20). If this event log was registered only while installing the OS and the same event log has not been registered continuously, there is no problem.
  • Page 48: Licenses

    6. Licenses Part of this product (system BIOS) includes open source software with the following licenses.  EDK from  UEFI Network Stack 2  Crypto package using WPA Supplicant  UEFI Shell License statements EDK FROM TIANOCORE.ORG BSD License from Intel Copyright (c) 2012, Intel Corporation All rights reserved.
  • Page 49 UEFI NETWORK STACK 2 OpenSSL License ------- Copyright (c) 1998-2011 The OpenSSL Project. All rights reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
  • Page 50 CRYPTO PACKAGE USING WPA SUPPLICANT WPA Supplicant ------- Copyright (c) 2003-2012, Jouni Malinen <> and contributors All Rights Reserved. This program is licensed under the BSD license (the one with advertisement clause removed). If you are submitting changes to the project, please see CONTRIBUTIONS file for more instructions. License ------- This software may be distributed, used, and modified under the terms of...
  • Page 51 UEFI Shell UEFI Shell Copyright (c) 2012, Intel Corporation All rights reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: ・ Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
  • Page 52: Daily Maintenance

    7. Daily maintenance Perform the checks and maintenance described here on a regular basis so that you can always use this product in optimum condition. Should you encounter any abnormalities, do not use this product forcibly but ask your sales agent or maintenance service company for maintenance.
  • Page 53: Troubleshooting

    8. Troubleshooting If this product does not operate as expected, check the product by referring to the following checklist before submitting it for repair. If there is a problem that corresponds to the following list, try the suggested countermeasure method. If this product still does not work properly, record the message displayed on the display and contact your sales agent or maintenance service company.
  • Page 54: Product Specifications

    9. Product specifications Item Edge G ateway ® Intel Atom™ Processor E3826(1.46GHz) Number of processors CPU core Dual core Cooling method Heat sink (Fanless) Memory Type DDR3L SDRAM Capacity 4 GB Error detection & Non-ECC correction Operation clock 1066 MHz Buffer function None Storage...
  • Page 55: Emc Directive And Low Voltage Directive

    This section describes the cautions for using this product in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive. The following description is created based on the regulatory requirements and standards that MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION has obtained. However, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION does not guarantee that the entire mechanical device manufactured according to the following description conforms to the Low Voltage Directive.
  • Page 56 Applicable scope of this product ■AC adapter Since hazardous voltage (whose peak is greater than 42.4V) is flowing inside this product, there is reinforced insulation between the primary circuit and secondary circuit in a CE marking compliant product. ■Main body Since the circuit used in the main body is DC 24 V rating or less, the main body is not subject to the Low Voltage Directive.
  • Page 57: Batteries And Battery Embedded Equipment In Eu Member States

    Batteries and battery embedded equipment in EU member states This chapter describes the cautions on disposal of used batteries in the EU member states and exporting batteries and battery embedded equipment to the EU member states. Caution on disposal Since used batteries must be disposed of separately from normal household waste in the EU member states, be sure to dispose of used batteries correctly so that they are processed at a garbage disposal or recycling center in each region.
  • Page 58 「电器电子产品有害物质限制使用标识要求」的表示方式 Note: This symbol mark is for China only. 含有有害 6 物质的名称,含有量,含有部品 本产品的所含有的有害 6 物质的名称,含有量,含有部品如下表所示。 产品中有害物质的名称及含量 部件名称 有害物质 铅 汞 镉 六价铬 多溴联苯 多溴二苯醚 (Pb) (Hg) (Cd) (Cr(VI)) (PBB) (PBDE) 印刷电路板 × ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ 外壳 ○ ○ ○...
  • Page 59: Appendix

    Appendix 3: Notice for the Chinese Taipei RoHS 限用物質含有情況標示聲明書 Declaration of the Presence Condition of the Restricted Substances Marking 設備名稱:電脳,型號(型式):EGW001-003 單元 限用物質及其化學符號 Restricted substances and its chemical symbols Unit 六價鉻 多溴二苯醚 多溴聯苯 鉛 汞 鎘 相對應排除 Polybrominated Hexavalent Polybrominated Lead Mercury Cadmium 項目依據...
  • Page 60: Warranty

    WARRANTY Please confirm the following product warranty details before using this product. 1. Gratis Warranty Term and Gratis Warranty Range If any faults or defects (hereinafter "Failure") found to be the responsibility of Mitsubishi occurs during use of the product within the gratis warranty term, the product shall be repaired at no cost via the sales representative or Mitsubishi Service Company.
  • Page 61: Revisions

    This manual confers no industrial property rights or any rights of any other kind, nor does it confer any patent licenses. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation cannot be held responsible for any problems involving industrial property rights which may occur as a result of using the contents noted in this manual.
  • Page 63 SH(NA)-081992ENG-B(1901) MODEL:MELIPC-MI1002-U-E HEAD OFFICE : TOKYO BUILDING, 2-7-3 MARUNOUCHI, CHIYODA-KU, TOKYO 100-8310, JAPAN NAGOYA WORKS : 1-14 , YADA-MINAMI 5-CHOME , HIGASHI-KU, NAGOYA , JAPAN When exported from Japan, this manual does not require application to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for service transaction permission. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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