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Mitsubishi Electric MELIPC MI1002-W-CL User Manual page 11

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Notes on installing, moving, storing, or connecting this product
Do not connect the ground wire and FG cable to a gas pipe.
Never connect the ground wire of the 2-pin conversion plug(Only MI1002-W) and FG
cable supplied with this product to a gas pipe. Failure to follow this warning may cause
a gas explosion or a fire.
Install or store this product in the specified place.
Do not install this product in the following places or any place other than specified in
this manual. Failure to follow this instruction may cause a fire.
●A dusty place
●A humid place such as near a water
Do not use this product in an environment where flammable gas and
corrosive gas is present.
Do not install this product in a place subject to flammable gas and corrosive gases
including sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine, ammonia, or
ozone. Do not install this product in an environment containing corrosion
promoting components such as sodium chloride and sulfur and conductive metal
etc. in dust and air. Failure to follow this warning may corrode the printed board in
this product, leading to malfunction, smoke emission or fire.
presence of any of the above in your environment, please consult your sales agent or a
maintenance service company.
Do not connect or remove the interface cable while the plug is plugged into
the outlet.
Turn off the power of this product and unplug the plug from the outlet when
connecting or removing interface cables. Even if the power is turned off, touching parts
inside this product while the plug is plugged into the outlet may cause an electric
shock, or may cause a short circuit, resulting in fire.
●A place exposed to direct sunlight
●An unstable place
If you suspect the



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