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Mitsubishi Electric MELIPC MI1002-W-CL User Manual page 14

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Do not disassemble.
Do not disassemble, repair, or modify this product by yourself. Doing so may result in
insufficient performance depending on the usage environment, malfunction, electric
shock, or fire.
Notes during operation
Avoid contact with this product during thunderstorms.
Do not touch any part of this product including cables when a thunderstorm is
approaching. Also, do not connect or disconnect any devices. There may be a risk of
electric shock from lighting strike.
Keep creatures away from this product.
Keep small animals, insects, and other creatures away from this product. Hair or other
waste matter from the creature may enter this product and cause a fire or electric
Do not place any objects on this product.
Doing so may cause the product to malfunction, or the object placed on the product
may fall and cause personal injury or damage to nearby personal belongings.
High temperature
While using this product or immediately after turning off the power, the main unit may
be hot depending on the ambient temperature. There is a possibility of burns from



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