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Installation; Place The Product To A Proper Location - Mitsubishi Electric MELIPC MI1002-W-CL User Manual

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4. Installation

This chapter describes how to install this product.
Please prepare any required articles besides the components included with this product on your own or
consult with your installation company.

4.1. Place the product to a proper location

Determine the location to place this product.
Install this product in a place that meets the following conditions.
● Ambient temperature: 0℃ to 55℃
Humidity: 10% to 85% (No condensation)
● AC 100V 3-pin outlet with ground electrode, or
AC 100V 2-pin outlet with ground terminal
* Install this product near an outlet that can be easily reached.
● A place with minimal exposure to dust, moisture, direct sunlight, or rain
● A place where flammable gas or corrosive gas is not present
● A place where the product can be fixed securely in place or on a flat, sturdy board
The power cable supplied with this product(Only MI1002-W) is for use in
Japan only. If you need to connect to a power supply exceeding AC 125V, you
need to prepare a dedicated power cable. Please prepare a power cable
corresponding to the power supply of the country or region where this
product will be used, or consult your sales agent.
※ When using MI1002-W-CL, prepare an AC cable that satisfies the following
Connector shape
: IEC 60230-1 C13
Plug shape
: It conforms to the plug shape of the country of use
Compliance standard : It conforms to the safety standard of the country of
: It must be not less than the voltage and current(2A)
Cable length
: Cable length shall be length to allow voltage drop
If you are using a 2-pin outlet with ground terminal, use a 2-pin conversion
plug with a ground wire supplied with this product(Only MI1002-W) and
connect the ground wire securely to the ground terminal of the outlet. Use of
an outlet other than that specified causes fire and electrical leakage.
Be sure to ground the FG cable. Otherwise, this product may not perform
sufficiently depending on the environment.
value to be used


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