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Use the specified articles.
Use only the genuine articles specified by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION. If an
optional article whose operation has not been verified by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC
CORPORATION is attached or connected, not only will the product not work properly,
there is a risk of malfunction. Breakdown and breakage of this product caused by use
of such an article will not be subject to fee-based repair even during the warranty
For use of optional articles, please consult your sales agent or a maintenance service
Use only the specified interface cable.
Use only interface cables provided by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION and
locate a proper device and connector before connecting a cable. Using an unauthorized
cable or connecting a cable to an improper destination may cause a short circuit,
resulting in fire. Also, observe the following notes on using and connecting an interface
Do not use any damaged cable
Do not place any object on the cable.
For more information about interface cables, please contact your sales or maintenance
Secure cables in place.
Be sure to secure the power cable and interface cables in place. Incomplete installation
causes a loose connection, resulting in smoke or fire.
Hold the plug part when removing the interface cables.
When removing the cables, remove locks such as by removing screws and pull the
plug straight out while holding the connector part. Pulling the plug out by the cable and
applying unreasonable force to the connector may cause the cable to break, resulting
in fire or electric shock.
Do not step on the cable.
Do not use this product with loose cable


Table of Contents

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