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Precautions For Use (Be Sure To Read) - Mitsubishi Electric MELIPC MI1002-W-CL User Manual

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Precautions for Use (Be Sure to Read)

This manual provides information necessary for safe and correct use of this product.
Keep this manual nearby so that you can refer to it as necessary. Be sure to read this manual before using
this product.
Safety Precautions
Follow the instructions in this document for the safe use of this product.
This manual describes hazardous parts of the product, possible hazards, and how to avoid them.
Components of the product with possible danger are indicated with a warning label placed on or around
them (or, in some cases, by printing the warnings on the computer).
In this manual or on warning labels, "
These terms are defined as follows:
Precautions and notices against hazards are presented with one of the following three symbols.
(A label example used in this User's Manual)
Symbol to draw attention Description of a warning Term indicating a degree of danger
Warning" or "
Indicates the potential for death or serious injury.
Indicates there is a risk of burns, other personal injury, or property
This symbol indicates the presence of a hazard if
the instruction is ignored.
An image in the symbol illustrates the hazard type.
This symbol indicates prohibited actions. An image
in the symbol illustrates a particular prohibited
This symbol indicates mandatory actions. An
image in the symbol illustrates a mandatory action
to avoid a particular hazard.
Do not use the product if any smoke, odor, or noise is present.
If smoke, an abnormal odor or a sound is generated from the product,
immediately turn off the main unit, unplug the power cable from the outlet,
and then contact your nearest sales agent or maintenance service company.
A fire might result if you continue to use the product.
Caution" is used to indicate a degree of danger.
Electric shock risk
Do not disassemble.
Disconnect a plug.


Table of Contents

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