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Mitsubishi Electric MELIPC MI1002-W-CL User Manual page 35

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Hardware quick reference
● FG cable
Attach the FG cable according to the procedure below.
(1) Remove the functional ground screws on the rear panel. Then, attach one end of the FC cable to
the rear panel and tighten the functional ground screws.
(2) Ground the other end of the FC cable.
● Preventing the power cable from coming out of an outlet
Attach the power cable clamp according to the following steps.
(1) Pass the hook and loop fastener with the protrusions facing in through a rectangle hole on one side
of the plate.
Fold back the fastener to a length of around 100 mm and affix it.
(2) Insert the power cable into the notch in the plate.
Move the plate to the base of the power cable connector.
Be sure to ground the FG cable. Otherwise, this product may not
demonstrate sufficient performance depending on the environment.
Be sure to ground the FG cable before connecting the plug to an outlet.
To remove the grounded FG cable, be sure to turn the power to the product
off and unplug the plug from the outlet in advance.



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