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Mitsubishi Electric MELIPC MI1002-W-CL User Manual page 8

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Notes on power connections
Plug the power cable into an outlet that matches the voltage of the unit.
Plug the power cable supplied with this product(Only MI1002-W) into a 100V outlet in
line with the voltage inscribed on the unit. When using this product in a country or
region other than Japan, prepare a power cable corresponding to the power supply for
the country or region where this product will be used. Failure to use an appropriate
power cable may cause a fire.( When using the MI1002-W-CL, prepare a power cable
that conforms to the power supply to be used and the safety standards of the use
Do not hold the plug with a wet hand.
Do not insert/remove the power cable plug with wet hands.
Failure to follow this warning may cause an electric shock.
Do not connect or remove a ground wire or FG cable while the power cable is
connected to the outlet.
When using the 2-pin conversion plug(Only MI1002-W) and FG cable supplied with
this product, unplug the plug from the outlet before attaching or removing the ground
wire or FG cable. Even if the power is turned off, touching the ground wire while the
plug is plugged into the outlet may cause an electric shock, or may cause a short
circuit, resulting in fire.



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