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Applicable scope of this product
■AC adapter
Since hazardous voltage (whose peak is greater than 42.4V) is flowing inside this product, there is
reinforced insulation between the primary circuit and secondary circuit in a CE marking compliant
■Main body
Since the circuit used in the main body is DC 24 V rating or less, the main body is not subject to the Low
Voltage Directive.
Power supply
The insulation specifications of the AC adapter assume Installation Category II.
The power supply for this product must conform to Installation Category II.
Installation location
■Protection against electric shock
Take measures necessary to protect users who do not have sufficient knowledge about electrical
equipment from the risk of electric shock at the installation location of this product.
Examples of measures are as follows:
Restrict access to this product so that only users who received training and have sufficient knowledge
of electrical equipment can operate this product.
As a measure against electric shock, install this product in a protective structure (control board etc.)
with an IP rating of 20 or higher.
■Dustproof and waterproof
If this product is installed in an environment where dustproofing and waterproofing is not sufficient, the
dielectric withstand voltage decreases and dielectric breakdown tends to occur.
Since insulation of this product is designed assuming Pollution Degree 2 (Normally only nonconductive
pollution occurs. Temporary conductivity caused by condensation is to be expected. For example, a
general office), use it in an environment of Pollution Degree 2 or lower.
Use this product by connecting the FG cable attached to this product to the functional grounding screw of
the main body.
External wiring
■External connection equipment
If external equipment to be connected to this product contains a hazardous voltage circuit, use a
reinforced insulated interface circuit from a hazardous voltage circuit.
■Reinforced insulation
This is insulation to withstand voltage below.
Rated voltage of the hazardous voltage part
AC 150 V or less
AC 300 V or less
(Installation Category II, quoted from IEC 664)
Surge resistant voltage(1.2/50μs)
2500 V
4000 V


Table of Contents

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