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Sony RM-VL900 Operating Instructions (primary manual) Operating Instructions Manual page 25

Remote controls: integrated remote commander
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Press the button(s) for the
desired operation.
The selected Component
button lights up every time
you press a function button,
and turns off when you release
Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to
program the buttons for the
series of operations.
In this example: Press the
following buttons.
1 Power on the TV
2 Power on the video
3 Power on the amplifier
4 Set the input mode of AMP
to VIDEO 1
5 Set the input mode of the TV
6 Start video playback
When you have
programmed all function
keys, press S (set) to finish
• If you interrupt the procedure at any
point for over 10 seconds, the setting
mode ends and the series of
commands will be programmed to
that point. In this case, clear the
program (page 26) and start again
from Step 1 to set the entire program
from the beginning. You cannot
continue from where you let off.
• If a SYSTEM CONTROL button has
already "learned" a remote control
signal (see page 35), you cannot
program on this button. Clear the
"learned" contents first (see page 26).
• If you change the component code
number (page 8) or program a new
signal by Learning (page 15) on a
button that has been programmed in
the series of commands of the System
Control function, the new signal will
be transmitted when you press the
corresponding SYSTEM CONTROL
• If you have programmed an incorrect
operation by mistake, press S (set) to
cancel setup and start again from
Step 1.



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