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Executing A Series Of Commands - System Control Function - Sony RM-VL900 Operating Instructions (primary manual) Operating Instructions Manual

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• If you have already programmed the
VOL +/– or MUTING button for each
component with any signals using
the Learning function, the procedure
above will not change the function of
the VOL +/– and MUTING buttons.
• If you have programmed volume
control signals on VOL +/– or
MUTING buttons of TV or AMP, you
can only use that signal when you
select TV or AMP. For other
components, the preset volume
control signals for TV or AMP
(depending on the above setting
procedure) will be transmitted. To use
the new signals, you need to program
each button for each component by
the Learning procedure (page 15).
Executing a Series of
— System Control Function
With the System Control function,
you can program a series of
operating commands, and execute
them by pressing just one button.
For example, when you watch a
video, a series of operations like
that below would be necessary.
1 Power on the TV.
2 Power on the video (VCR).
3 Power on the amplifier.
4 Set the input selector of the
amplifier to VIDEO 1.
5 Set the input mode of the TV to
6 Start video playback.
You can program up to 16
consecutive operation steps to
each of the SYSTEM CONTROL 1,
2 or 3 buttons.
A procedure that calls for pressing
2 buttons is counted as 2 steps.
Pressing a Component Select
button is also counted as 1 step.
If you have set the System Control
function on a Component Select
button (page 27), the execution of
the programmed commands
begins when you press the
Component Select button for more
than 2 seconds.



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