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Troubleshooting - Sony RM-VL1000T Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated remote commander
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If you have problems setting up or using the Remote Commander, first
check the batteries (page 7), then check the items below.
You cannot operate the
You cannot operate the
components even after
setting the component
code numbers.
You cannot control the
The Commander fails to
learn the remote control
You cannot operate a
component even after
you programmed the
remote control signals
with the "learning"
"NG" flashes five times.
• Go closer to the component. The maximum operating
distance is approximately 32.8 ft. (10 m).
• Check that you are aiming the Commander directly at the
component, and that there are no obstructions between the
Commander and the component.
• Turn on the components first, if necessary.
• Check that the component has infrared remote capability. For
example, if your component didn't come with a remote
commander, it probably isn't capable of being controlled by a
remote commander.
• You have assigned a different component to the component
label. A corresponding component is fixed by presetting a
component code number. Therefore, the name of component
you have preset may be different from that of the component
label. In this case, it is recommended to preset again (page 13)
and change the component name on the label (page 27, 65).
• Set the component code correctly. If the code that is listed first
for your component doesn't work, try all the codes for your
component in the order in which they are listed in the
supplied "Component Code Numbers."
• Some features may not be preset. If some or all of the buttons
do not function correctly even after you have set the
component codes, then use the learning function to
programme the remote control signals for the component
(page 23).
• If your visual components are connected to an audio system,
make sure you've set up the Commander as described in
"Controlling the Volume of Visual Components Connected to
an Audio System" (page 30).
• You have assigned another component to the TV or AMP
label (page 46). In this case, the volume cannot be controlled
when you select a component other than TV or AMP.
• When you teach signals of an interactive signal exchange
system remote control unit (supplied with some of Sony's
receivers and amplifiers) to the Commander, the response
signal of the main unit may interfere with the learning of the
Commander. In such a case, move to a place where the
signals will not reach the main unit (e.g. other rooms, etc.).
• Make sure that the Remote Commander has learned the
correct signals. If not, see "For accurate learning" (page 29)
and try the learning procedure again (page 23).
• Learning has not succeeded. After checking the following, try
learning procedure again (page 23).
- Change the distance between remote commanders.
- See "For accurate learning" (page 29).
• The component codes cannot be set. See the supplied
"Component Code Numbers" and try setting the component
codes again (page 13).



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