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Installing The Batteries; When To Replace The Batteries - Sony RM-VL1000T Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated remote commander
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Installing the
Slide open the battery
compartment lid and insert two
size AA (R6) alkaline batteries (not
supplied). Be sure to line up the +
and – on the batteries with the +
and – on the battery compartment.
When to replace the
Batteries for remote control
operation and backlight (two
size AA (R6) batteries)
Under normal conditions, alkaline
batteries will last up to 5 months.
The battery life varies depending
on frequency of use.
If the Commander does not
operate properly, the alkaline
batteries might be worn out and
"BATT" appears on the LCD
display when you try to operate
the Commander.
When the display dims, replace
the alkaline batteries with new
Notes on batteries
• Do not mix old battery with new one
or mix different types of batteries
• If the electrolyte inside the battery
leaks, wipe the contaminated area of
the battery compartment with a cloth
and replace the old batteries with
new ones. To prevent electrolyte from
leaking, remove the batteries when
you plan not to use the Commander
for a long period of time.
• After replacing batteries, set the clock
(page 8).



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