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Sony RM-VL1000T Operating Instructions Manual page 72

Integrated remote commander
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Troubleshooting (continued)
"NG" flashes twice.
The 'NG' sound is heard
"NG" appears during
"NG" appears if you try
to copy the settings of the
component label to
another component label.
A system control
programme does not
function correctly.
• Learned signals or the Channel Macro function have been
programmed for the component label to which you want to
copy the settings of another component label using the
copying function (page 46). Clear the contents (page 19, 29)
and try the copying procedure again.
• You may try to programme the Power-On function (page 44)
for a component label to which the component code of a non-
Sony product has been set. This function is only for Sony
• Learned signals have been programmed for the label to which
you want to set the learning, Channel Macro or component
macro function. Clear the learned signals (page 19, 29) and try
setting again.
• You may select the component name for which the Channel
Macro function cannot be programmed. You can programme
the Channel Macro function of the components of which the
first digit of the four-digit preset component code number is
3, 8 or 9 (page 48).
• You may select the component function label for which the
Channel Macro function cannot be programmed. The learned
signal or the Channel Macro function have been programmed
for that label. Clear the learned signal (page 29) or the
Channel Macro function (page 50).
• The programme contents you want to change are set to be
executed by the timer. Set the timer setting in which that
programme is included not to be executed (page 58), and edit
the programme contents.
• You may try to operate the preset function (page 13) after
operating the learning function (page 23). You cannot operate
the preset function after operating the learning function.
Preset after clearing the learned signals (page 29), or preset to
another component label key that is not used.
• The memory is full. Clear infrequently used learned labels
(page 29), then carry out learning operations.
• There are some function labels for the component for which
learned signals have been programmed. Copy the settings to
another component label, or clear the learned signals (page
• Make sure that you have programmed the commands in the
correct order (page 34).
• Try changing the orientation of the Commander. If that does
not help, try placing the components as close to each other as
• Check the status of the components and make sure that you
have set the components properly to receive commands (page
• The component codes are changed or new signals have been
learned for a label that has been programmed with a series of
commands. In this case, the new signals are transmitted when
the series of commands is executed.
• The interval may be too short. See "Changing the interval
between operation steps" (page 42) and set a longer interval,
or adjust the series of commands by changing the order of
buttons and labels. (When programming the system control
function, you can make an interval by pressing the TIMER



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