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Sony RM-VL1000T Operating Instructions Manual page 73

Integrated remote commander
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The component set to be
operated by the timer of
the Commander does not
function as expected.
The timer programme is
executed in the next
week or on the next day
though that programme
has been already
"BATT" is displayed for
a second when you try to
use the Commander.
The clock is displayed as
"LOCK" is displayed on
the LCD and the display
for operation does not
appear when you press a
• The component could not receive the signal from the
Commander successfully. When using the timer, check the
- Check that the timer macro programme functions correctly
by pressing the TEST key, after programming the timer
(page 58).
- Check the location of the Commander.
• The status of each component is not suitable for operation.
(For example, you programme the power-on setting,
assuming that power of the component is off when the timer
turns on. However, if power of the component is on when the
component receives the timer signal from the Commander,
the component will turn off.)
• The timer programme contents you have set on this
Commander repeat weekly or daily. If you want to execute
the timer programme once, set the timer standby mode to off
after the execution of the timer programme (page 58).
• The batteries begin to be exhausted. Replace the batteries as
early as possible (page 7).
• The batteries might have been replaced. Replace the batteries
with new ones (page 7). After replacing the batteries, the set
contents remain. So, to use the Commander with the previous
set contents, you should only set the clock (page 8).
• The Hold function is on. Unlock the Hold function (page 62).



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