SONY RM-X8S - Remote Commander Manual

SONY RM-X8S - Remote Commander Manual


SONY RM-X8S - Remote Commander Manual

Guide to Parts and Controls

The buttons on the remote commander have the same function as buttons on the head unit. For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the head unit.

Parts and Controls

  1. / (seek –/+)
    Switching the mode may be required depending on the head unit. For details, see "About Mode 1 and Mode 2."
  2. SOURCE/ (call)/ VOICE
    The following operations are available depending on the head unit.
    • When making a call:
      • Press to stop the call.
    • When receiving a call:
      • Press to receive a call.
      • Press and hold to reject the call.
    • When talking:
      • Press to end a call.
      • Press and hold to switch to another call.
    • Press and hold to activate voice dial.
  3. MODE (mode/enter)
    Depending on the head unit, this button can enter the selected item when selecting the source.
  4. Emitter of infrared rays
  5. Volume +/–
  6. Holder release button
  7. Holder

About Mode 1 and Mode 2

This remote commander corresponds to 2 modes, [Mode 1] and [Mode 2]. The default setting is [Mode 1]. If the seek function does not work when pressing and holding /, switch the mode as follows:

  • While pressing SOURCE, press , , and MODE in that order, then press and hold for 2 seconds. The mode is switched to [Mode 2].
  • Be sure to reverse/forward a track properly when pressing /.

To return the mode to [Mode 1], operate as follows:

  • While pressing SOURCE, press , , and MODE in that order, then press and hold for 2 seconds.


  • Be sure to keep the remote commander from interfering with your driving operations.
  • Avoid installing the remote commander in areas subject to dust, dirt, excessive vibration, or high temperature, such as in direct sunlight, on the dashboard or near heater ducts.
  • Do not place obstacles between the remote commander and head unit because it may interfere with communication with infrared rays.
  • Do not cover the emitter on the remote commander with your fingers.

Installing the lithium battery

  1. Open the cover on the bottom of remote commander with a coin, etc.
  2. Install the supplied lithium battery to the remote commander.
    Installing the lithium battery

To replace the lithium battery

Under normal conditions, the battery will last approximately 1 year. (The service life may be shorter, depending on the conditions of use.)

When the battery becomes weak, the range of the remote commander becomes shorter.

Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replaced only with the same or equivalent type.

Notes on the lithium battery

  • Keep the lithium battery out of the reach of children. Should the battery be swallowed, immediately consult a doctor.
  • Wipe the battery with a dry cloth to ensure a good contact.
  • Be sure to observe the correct polarity when installing the battery.
  • Do not hold the battery with metallic tweezers, otherwise a short-circuit may occur.

Installing the remote commander

Before installing

  • Make sure that the angle of slant at the holder or the direction of remote commander is suitable for the installation site. There are 4 grooves on the remote commander and 2 hooks on the holder, and depending on the situation, you can install the remote commander four different ways.
    Before installing the remote commander
  • To prevent making unnecessary holes or attaching tape to an unsuitable site of the car, install the remote commander to a site where the head unit can definitely receive the IR signal.

Be careful to do not damage cables and other items in the car when making a hole on the car or tightening the screw.

  1. Make a hole with a diameter of 2 mm on the installation site of your car.
  2. Peel the tape on the bottom of the holder and attach it on the installation site.
    Fix the hole of the holder on the hole of the car.
    Installing the remote commander - Step 1
  3. Install the supplied screw to the hole of the holder and secure it to the installation site.
    Installing the remote commander - Step 2
  4. Set the remote commander with the lithium battery to the holder.
    Insert the groove of the remote commander in the hook of the holder, and push the remote commander until it clicks.
    Installing the remote commander - Step 3

To remove the remote commander

  1. Pull the remote commander while pressing holder release buttons on both sides of the holder at the same to remove from the holder.
    Remove the remote commander


Dimensions Approx. ø 54 mm × 34 mm (ø 2 1/4 in × 1 3/8 in)
Mass Approx. 42 g (2 oz)
Package contents Remote commander (1)
CR2032 lithium battery (1)
Parts for installation and connections (1 set)

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


The following checklist will help you remedy problems you may encounter with your remote commander.

Before going through the checklist below, check the connection and operating procedures.

If the problem is not solved, visit the support site.

The head unit does not work.

  • Check that the emitter on the remote commander is not covered with your fingers.
  • Check that the remote commander is installed to a site where the head unit can receive the IR signal of the remote commander.
  • Check that the battery of remote commander becomes full.

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Printed in China

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